Saturday, 22 August 2015

How to keep your promise/oath/vow

Hi guys!!

Slightly different post but this crept so deep into my heart that I decided to talk about it here. The world has gotten so small. Everyone has just adapted to the current trends and current beliefs but people who really believe in God know that He’s stayed the same.

Today I read a story about Jimdre Westbrook. He’s a 31 year old virgin who took a vow to remain a virgin till he’s married. Obviously I looked him up and read a couple of interviews about his website A couple of things stand out which are also things that I think will help anybody who’s also trying to stay celibate.

Disclaimer : This post is not about his virginity, it's about using his story to help you keep your vow and/or help you re-commit to a promise you once made!

I’ll be quoting from his interview because I found that he addressed some of the problems/situations we face today and basically to summarise what I’ve learned from it.

1.       He’s from Las Vegas
When I read that I was like whaaaaat? He’s right at the centre of the most care-free place! People like to blame their environment. From the community I’m from, I’m supposed to have had 3 kids, a husband that cheats on me with a woman he’s making me live with, that he dragged out from the house next door to where his mom lives in his old neighbourhood. It sounds dramatic but my neighbour had 2 wives. 2 of my uncles have 2 wives. It’s how I grew up. But I know that I’m only made for one person that I do not share. Just because I’m surrounded by this doesn’t mean that it’s what I should look forward to.

2.       He’s 31.
Every time I have lunch with my brother he’s always asking me why he doesn’t have a brother-in-law yet. ALL THE TIME. It’s because most guys I’ve come across don’t value girls with promises. It’s so rare to find a guy who’s made up their mind. Marriage doesn’t mean death. So in general guys don’t want to wait. And then they’ll pull the ‘if you love me, you’ll do it’ card. I’ve read so many stories that contain those words. And the other thing those stories have in common is that they involve 18/19 year old girls. Wait until you’re old enough/feel ready.

3.       “I feel that living at your own pace is very important”
That should be written in stone!! It’s so easy to get caught up in how fast the world is going by. People want everything NOW. Nothing is scared anymore and people are constantly trying to influence other people to go down the wrong path so that they can join them there. I absolutely get so upset when people at work say that because I’m 23 and currently not married, time is passing me by and that by the time I do want to get married, there’ll be no-one left! I like to call that ‘small town mentality’ because they think there isn’t a huge world outside of our town. Know yourself so well that you can’t be altered by someone’s opinion that holds no value.

4.       “I feel like I’m worth the wait because God’s worth the wait”
I’ve been sort of trying to think what he meant with the second part because without explaining further it could mean a couple of things. I choose to look at it as He’s honouring God by keeping his promise to Him. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do! Promises are based on a series of decisions. The first decision is the actual promise and the rest of the decisions are the ones you make in trying to keep the original promise. I’ve come to experience that in my own life. I don’t drink alcohol. It’s the first decision I made, the rest of the decision I had to make was to say ‘no thanks- do you have coke?’ when it was being offered to me.

5.       “I’m not the one to judge people or to say she has to be exactly like me”
This is so key. Judgment is one of things that make people look down on Christianity. People don’t forgive easily which makes people opt to rather live aimlessly. Don’t live for people but exist for something. I think that you don’t really know someone until you know their life story and you’re not in a position to judge them for the person that they are. Just like you wouldn’t want someone to judge you for how you’ve lived out your journey. Really walk a mile in someone’s shoes as you’d want them to extend you the same courtesy.

I hope you guys found this post helpful!!


Friday, 14 August 2015

#WomensMonth Tribute

Hi everyone!!

As you know on 9 August it was Women’s Day and I almost wanted to cry thinking that I should have dedicated this post to all the women in my life!!

But I’ve realized that if you keep a positive attitude then there’s no space for crying over spilled milk. So, just like we like to make February Valentine’s Day MONTH I’ve decided to jump in the bandwagon of my fellow South Africans who are currently celebrating Womens Day MONTH!!

I hope in reading this (whether you’re South African or not) that you’ll also make one woman in your life feel special by dedicating an open letter to them.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Cafe Enrista Review

Hi guys!!

Something quite cool today! I recently got this CafeEnrista sample pack and I just couldn’t wait to try it out. As you know I’m a professional coffee addict. Like pro. And I just loved all of these sachets that were included. They must have expanded the range because I only knew about the Mild, Regular and Strong.

So imagine my EXCITEMENT when I found Cappuccino (fave) in there! So I just couldn’t wait to share this with you guys. 

How to Love your Body

Hey Everyone!!

For the longest time I’ve cared too much of what people think of me. Wayyy too much!! I can’t wear this here or I can’t say this amongst these people… And as of late I’ve just been like who gives two shits?

Don’t misunderstand me. I care about my image. I care that people not know me coke-addicted professional side chick only because those are the things I’m not. But things that I am? Those are the things I refuse to let someone make me feel inferior about. And we all have to protect that about ourselves.

Let’s start with my body image.

I don’t have the traditional ‘African’ booty. And for the longest time I was too scared to wear bodycon dresses or skirts because I scared that people would say that I’m part of the ‘iron board society’. Surprisingly that’s all I’ve been wearing for work because I haven’t found any ‘workpants’ that I’m in love with. And you know what came out of it? I discovered that I have amazing legs!!

I wear make-up now. And where I work the women are okay being ‘naturally beautiful’ – which I have no problem with but they’re constantly trying to make you feel bad about wearing make-up. So since then I’ve been wearing bolder colours!! Because I DO NOT care about how they feel. I’m there to do a job. In style. I’m not there for them. And this comes in small condescending remarks covered by a super thin veil. Ignore it. They’re just trying to plant their insecurities on you. Listening to them will be like watering it.

Apply the same if someone is trying to body shame you. There’s no point in trying to bring down other women and make them feel small/insignificant! We’re fine doing it on our own – and that’s something we’re working on every day. So if someone wants to add onto that (not in a positive way) then walk away from that person or protect yourself against them.

Next is your walk.

Two people significantly changed how I walk in my life. One was my mom because she always wanted me to be a beauty queen so my shoulders had to be super straight. And the other one was at uni. I was super depressed at times and this one girl was like: “you always walk like you’re tired, its 8 am!” At the time I wanted to set her on fire but she’ll never know how much that has changed my life. Now I’m always telling people to walk up straight or in a way that portrays more confidence.

The face.

People always tell me that I look ‘unapproachable’ and each time my jaw just drops because I always think that my face looks friendly. Then I realised that it’s probably because I’m listening to all the people in my head which could result in frowning or the ‘bitchface syndrome’. So now I smile more and greet people first because in that way they’re free to approach me. Ever since I started doing that people found it not so scary to talk to me anymore and I want to keep it that way!

Have you found some similarities in the things I just mentioned?

Share with me!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

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