Friday, 25 November 2016

LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipsticks Review

Hi everyone!

It’s been FOREVER. I hope you are all well and beautiful! I feel like I’ve missed everything this year. I also feel like I’ve missed all the trends and hypes. I still don’t have an Iphone or Snapchat and I feel exhausted coming from an out of town client where I was working 24/7 and driving for days.

While I was in the Northern Cape one of my colleagues was wearing this gorgeous brown matte lipstick and I just could not help but to ask her about it. She said she got it from Dischem of all places!! I’ve always looked for L.A girl but I always thought that Clicks would have it. So I was super excited to finally find it!

So to start off I knew I wanted the brown one so I had options between ‘Spicy’ and ‘Runway’. They only had ‘Runway’ in the tester (which is the one I wanted) but had to go with ‘Spicy’ and I’m actually very happy with it) and I knew I wanted a bold red because I wanted Ruby Woo and I can’t afford it right now because I’m in credit recovery.

Okay, let’s get to the goodies:
·         It’s so moisturizing. I’ve been on the matte groovy train so I know how drying matte lipsticks can be so I was so surprised how moisturizing it was. I only re-applied it twice throughout the day after meals and it just stayed gorgeous and full.
·         It smells amazing. Look, I don’t expect lipsticks to smell any kind of way but if it does it’s definitely a plus for me!
·         The colours are so bold. That’s such a plus for me in a lip colour. I need it to show up! And I’m so impressed with how gorgeous both the colours are on my skintone.
·         It’s only R59.99!

The bad
·         This is more like a recommendation – always apply balm balm or Vaseline before you apply the lipstick. It just looks unflattering on chapped lips!

Let me know what you think when you try it!

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