Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Review - Avon Winter Nails and Lips

Hi everyone!

At the end of May I ordered these two Avon products because I wanted some winter colours for work. I don’t wear a lot of make-up at work so I turn it up in the nails and lipstick department. So when I looked around I found this perfect shade of nail polish and lipstick from Avon Cosmetics.

So when I first had it on it come off as a dark pink and I was quite puzzled because I thought I picked the wrong shade. But with a second layer it really comes alive. It has enough moisture to not make your lips dry and also enough to last all day. I only re-applied after lunch and it stayed on till past 6pm!

Nail polish

To continue my burgundy winter trend I thought this nail polish would look amazing seeing that I’ve only stuck to pastels in the past. But a lot of people were quite attracted to it and they also gave it a try. I had it only for an entire workweek and I was very satisfied with how long it stayed on. I applied 2 layers which also made it look more vibrant.

Have you guys used Avon Cosmetics before?

What's been your experience?


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How to start saving

Hi everyone!!

I think that saving is such an important aspect of our lives as young adults. The road in front of us is just so open and we don’t know what will happen in five, ten or twenty years from now.

Job Security is such an important part of our lives too. It’s always about the economy. So many young and qualified people are unemployed and there’s nothing they can do. I’ve been there and it was such a nightmare. But once you start working there’s just so many things that you need and just can’t live without.

Girls, let’s be honest. We need everything. Those boots, that watch, that hair. And everything is sooo expensive. I’ve now entered into the life of quality buying. I still buy for quantity (there’s nothing that saddens me more than running out of clothes – what is that??) but now I buy for durability because I believe that I take good care of things I had to buy myself.
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Here is how you can still enjoy life and have savings:
As soon as you receive your cheque – take out the amount you want to save and put it in another account or investment plan that will earn you interest.

Make peace from the beginning that that money is untouchable. Otherwise you will rely on it and ruin your investment plan.

Give it a name. What is it for? If it’s money without a goal sometimes you see its usefulness. It will always be your reserve tank when you run into some issues. If it’s for something more tangible you’ll be more motivated to keep going.

Use a method that is beneficial to you. We all want to dig a hole and out money in there but there’s so many options now where you can get a bigger return. I’d suggest that proper research if you want to invest into more high risk investments but if you’ve never saved on your own before or with lower risk options, I’d suggest that you leave the high risk options for now.

Transfer control over that money to someone else. The bank/investment fund. Any money you have access to will always slip from your fingers. No matter how control freaky you are.

In order for these tips to work you must be determined to save. It is not easy so if you do it half-heartedly you’ll just never leave your point of departure.

Personal Side Story
My mom made a small decision after she just started working to have R100 taken from her account into some investment plan she participated in. Because the amount is so minimal she wasn’t really concerned with it. Then one day I think about 5 years ago she wanted to start her own life policy plan with Old Mutual and they found that investment plan had almost R40k in it! And she started it in her twenties! Because she didn’t know she had it, it’s as if overnight money fell into her lap and it just shows the type of mindset needed to pull off the savings game!

I hope this helps!!

Till next time!

Friday, 5 June 2015

How to shop debt free

Hi everyone!!

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OMW guys!! This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life! I’m addicted to clothes. I’m sure most girls are like that and it’s really nice to be independent and working for my own money but one thing is painfully becoming clearer. I simply just can’t afford myself!

I grew up in a house where we had to wait for my mom to complete the ‘savings cycle’ before we could get anything we wanted, that she classified as a ‘luxury’. And it was really painful because by the time you had it, everyone else was already over it. And I now understand her crazy control over money.

So far I’ve managed to live debt free but everytime I set up my budget I quickly realize that I need additional money. One thing someone very wise taught me was – just because you can pay it back doesn’t mean you can afford it. Sit down and calculate the money you need to pay back, for something that you needed a bit more patience to save for. In South Africa retailers add up to an additional 20% on your account which is super ridiculous seeing that you’re paying it off over 3 to 4 months.

I also know about things that may derail your plans. Like sending money home (yes, people still do that) and paying off college debts, studying part time, having to buy necessary furniture and also having to squeeze in entertainment in there (let’s face it – a turn up is coming). This is really when you need to apply some of the stages of grief. If you stay in denial, you’ll definitely be screwed in the days leading to your next pay cheque (trust me – I’ve been there). Acceptance is the only thing that will get you through. Accept that you can’t buy those boots/watch/concealer. The sooner, the better because if you’re anything like me you’ll find yourself saying…I need it, I’ll deal with the consequences later. And the consequences are never friendly!

Here are some tips:
·         Set up a budget based on the things that you need. Start with the fixed costs. Like your accommodation, electricity bill, groceries (estimation), outstanding debts that need to be taken care of.

·         From the remaining balance, remove the money you want to save. Start small. We all have #savingsgoals but if you’re not realistic, will lose the courage to try again if things don’t according to plan.

·         Go window shopping 2 days before day of shopping to get an idea of the prices.

·         If you like to go for drinks on most weekends, classify that under ‘entertainment’. This is the money we all remember when the days are dark. Sit down with a person you always go out with so that you don’t make a low estimate. These days we have fun on a budget (lol).

·         After you’ve drawn up your budget and taken out your savings, make peace with the fact that the money remaining is your variable costs money for 30 days. And those days are LOOOONNNGG!!

·         To be a control freak on the next level, I’d suggest that you use the same no cost survival skills you used when there was no money (or less money) to survive when you have money. Like not going to the mall to do nothing, first thinking if something is a necessity or not, and making a lunch box to work rather than buying, go for 4 days or more without takeaways, etc.

·         Girl Tip – don’t buy things that you don’t use every day when your budget is tight. Rather than buying shoes fit for a wedding costing R600 or so rather buy 2 pairs of ‘work shoes’ and a few accessories for work. If you find nice things you can work them into a more formal outfit by adding on a blazer and a statement neckpiece.

·         Guy tip – Your clothes are so expensive. I’ve met guys who are such brand lovers. If you can’t afford it go ahead and get those jeans but buy cheaper shirts so that you can alternate at the top. It’s all about selection. And a basic tee always looks nice on a guy. No-one will know where it’s from but you because they all look the same. Living above your means is not worth it.

I hope these tips will be helpful! I think in the end living debt free is a mind thing. Change your attitude about the things you need and things you can’t live without.

Till next time!!
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