Thursday, 27 February 2014

Cocktail Evening!


As promised I'm uploading pictures of my outfit that I rocked at our uni's cocktail evening.
Looking back on it now it was really just an excuse to dress up and wear uncomfortable shoes!!
I decided to wear this new dress(another) that my mom bought me and I think I really underestimated its prettiness! My make-up was done by my good friend Phumi and I was really impressed with her knowledge of beauty and make-up!! She taught me a couple of things that I'm hoping to use this year in my videos on my currently under construction Youtube channel!

Lemme know what you think!!!

Dress- thrifted(gift)
Clutch- Gift from mom
Earrings- thrifted
Shoes- Fashion World

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Thanks for reading!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Lighthearted Dots!!


I hope everyone is well and had a fantastic week!

My week was packed(as always) but I think I'm learning to cope a little bit better. Today was suppose to be a rough day- school related stuff- but when I woke up I decided that it wasn't going to be one of those sloppy pants days that I usually have when I'm expecting to go through a rough day.

So I got up and used my new very berry body wash(amazing) and chose to wear this light-hearted top I bought a while back but just couldn't wear because its so pretty and delicate and I thought it will be great for one of my blogposts once I could manage to get my hands on some classic white skinny jeans!

Today I was like...why not? And I decided to take some snaps as well!

Top- Mr Price
Bottom(jeggings)- Ackermans
Heels- Fashion World
Nail Polish(lilac pastel)-Avroy Shlain Cosmetics

I have a confession. I am super shy! That's why my background looks the same...But I'm only here for one year so when I move into my new place next year I'll be able to take some outdoor pictures! 

Otherwise all my pictures would look like this...

 ...everytime someone walk by!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!!
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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentines Day fever!!


I've been missing this blog all week! I'm honestly always in class, when its not class, then homework, if not, then I'm catching on old work that's vital for the year. So whenever I have time all I can think of is my space on here where I can catch up on everyone's new videos and blogposts! Recently I was highly inspired by @ShirleyBEniang's Valentine's Day lookbook. Check it out here  I'm such a huge fan of hers, mostly because she reminds me of myself - only she's more driven and studying the only course more difficult than mine! And she's super pretty!

So I decided to use a dress my mom recently bought me for this post because I've never really had a valentine and even if I did I'd totally wear something comfortable because I can't deal with too many variables in an already stressful environment!! Weird right?? lol!!

The 1st look is totally aimed for a girly girl and more like a stroll in the park look and then the 2nd is for a night out(dress by mom) look.  I love it because she just always tries to get me out of my comfort zone and this dress does just that!!

                                                  ~ day time playful look ~

~ night time look ~

Floral dress- Mr Price
Neutral shoes-Mr Price

Red and Black dress-  thrifted(by mom)
Black heels              - *gift*
Diamond bracelet     -*gift*

Tell me what you think!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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