Thursday, 30 June 2016

THE BOX Experience

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was just such an awful day. If I can compare it to anything it would like if I was dating Liam Hemsworth and then all the Miley fans were trolling on me online and the paparazzi was outside my window. But today it has totally come to an end and I couldn’t be happier!

So in the previous styling post I said I’d tell you guys about my gift from my mom. I think most people are not really that familiar with a subscription services will really find this concept difficult to understand. My mom already freaked when I tried to explain it to her. It’s like people who don’t trust online banking and it’s so sad when you figure out how easy and secure it is to use!

So after I received my gift I went online to check out the The Box and it seems like they have a lot of classic fashion items. I was quite happy with my clutch because it’s so classic and gorgeous! I'm not that familiar with subscription services because the first time I heard about it was when I was watching Michelle Phan talk about how she started Ipsy and then all the unboxing videos on Youtube made sense!

So then I’m going to be planning a few outfits around this bag and it’s perfect with gold accessories. This will be our very own unboxing. The box itself is gorgeous and it sincerely makes you feel like you’ve just received a lux gift. It comes with the gift within a cover and a glossy booklet. It gives you their guarantees, trend reports and several other details like who they are and what they do. Included is also their monthly fee in order for you to be part of their membership so that you can have access to their range of products. 

Are you guys on any subscriptions? What has been your experience?

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

#BET2016 Red Carpet

Hi everyone!

Nothing gets me quite excited like the Red Carpet side of Award Shows! That’s like my ultimate joy! And it’s just so funny how I never knew the importance of knowing the designers. It’s like discussing an epic movie and not knowing who the actors are who portray the roles!

So then for the BET Awards this year I was quite excited to see what happens! I like the fact how South African personalities were there just representing our country and I was also excited for Black Coffee’s big win for Best International Act. I have to say though I never really listened to Black Coffee till Pieces of Me and I think he really deserved that award!

So back to the red carpet! I have selected a few looks to share with you guys that really stood out for me. If you know me you’d know that I like something effortless with a wow effect so that will show in my selections.

1.       Janelle Monae

image - CNN

She drives me insane because she doesn’t wear anything other than black and white but I really loved this number. I love how the bottom framed her and I’ve never seen her wear something so plunging in the cleavage area before so the overall look worked for me. She kept everything clean and crisp with her signature lip and accessories.

2.       Bonang Matheba x Megan Good

I feel like these two complimented each other. Bonang’s look is classic and covered and I love the bow detail as well as the fin ruffle at the back of the outfit. She kept it classic with a pair of gold heels that really went well with this look. Megan went with the cut out effect and I definitely love this colour on her. I love the design by the shoulder and the obvious slit in her dress. She just looked flawless!

3.       Tia Mowry

Image - CNN

I think Tia was gorgeous in this number. I never really follow her on the red carpet so I was quite surprised by her outfit. I thought out of all of them, this is something that I would wear or feel comfortable doing the Red Carpet with/in. I loved the combination of colours because it really complimented her skin and I also thought the silver tassles gave it a bit of an edge. I think the barely there heels were the perfect match for this look. Yassss Tia!

4.       Regina Hall x Toni Braxton

Regina almost always wears black. I think last year she wore a different version of this dress. She’s probably one of my favourite celebs because she’s just so beautifully normal. This dress gives you curves and cut outs and I love how it sits on her. She has a beautiful shape and it’s beautifully flaunted in this dress. Toni’s dress is very similar to Regina’s but we’ve all come to expect a little more skin action from Toni. It has the same see through hip action(like Regina’s) and  Toni is showing off her mid-section and it was really flattering on her. She's still got it.

5.       Nandi Mngoma

Image - CNN

I have to say that this was definitely a wild card for me. At first glance I was like NO when I saw the bottom part of it on Instagram. Not because it wasn't gorgeous but because I felt like it was detatched from the top. I also felt like it was too Hollywood meets Traditional in an interruption kind of way but I’ve slowly come to see the beauty in it. I still think it’s not for everyone but it definitely made a statement and was pleasantly unique. I’m still a bit unsettled about it. I definitely want to see the line that they are launching!

So bottom line is - I wish I was there! I think everyone looked amazing! I also thought the men made a lot of effort and deviated from the whole black tie look which I can really appreciate because I think the BET Awards are more flexible than the Oscars so this is a good platform for Men's Fashion!

I hope you guys also liked these picks!

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Shirtdress Stylin’

Hi everyone!

So a while back I got this fab shirtdress from Mr Price and it was not winter yet so it was the perfect piece for a little tweak in my wardrobe. And then suddenly in the morning I ironed it so that it could be everythang for work and I accidentally burnt it…

First thing that I felt after that was a tear rolling down my cheek. I just couldn’t believe what happened! After that I was literally on the phone with my mom because somebody needed to help me carry this tragedy STAT!! And I knew I had made the right choice because in the middle of my sobs, Mom said that she also burnt a new item the first time she was going to wear it and spent 10 minutes crying about it which made her late for work! haha!!(I love that woman)

So on a lighter note I decided that seeing that I can’t wear it, I can definitely style it! I mean what what’s the point of letting it go to waste?! I’ve always wanted a shirtdress. Mostly inspired by Samantha Maria but I thought that hers looked too London Fashion Week and I needed something more practical.

So overall I thought it was very comfortable and easy to style. Very breezy and very light. Originally I wanted to style it with a red lip and minimal strappy black heels. But I wanted to do a pink make-up look so I ended up styling the shirtdress around it.

 I styled this look with this gorgeous clutch that I got as a gift from my mom that she got from The Box that I'll tell you guys about soon! It was the perfect elegant piece that just fit in perfectly with this look!

Thank you for stopping by!


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Essen(c)tial Battle

Lol, get it?

Hi everyone!

Been struggling to find a title for this post and it literally just came to me now so I also got a chuckle out of it. This is the last weekend before my last week working out of town and I just couldn’t be more excited! I just missed being in my own space so much! I couldn’t take my camera with me which was such torture.

So living out of my bag creates opportunity to forget stuff at home. The one week I forgot my mascara and had to get a new one. The one I normally use is really clumpy which I love and the one I got was very accurate and had more spaced out ‘flares’ and I thought it would be cool to compare them. They’re both from Essence and I just love how affordable and attractive they are in packaging.

So with the All Eyes on me option I found it to be effective but extremely subtle which I really love when I’m not all dolled up. It’s not at all messy or difficult.

The I heart Extreme crazy volume mascara does just that. I’ve found myself wiping it off and applying concealer on my eyelids to ‘correct’ the wrong ‘lift’. You definitely can’t apply it in a car and without a mirror. And I just love the crazy volume it gives you. You just look glam instantly. 

Through comparing the two I’ve found that I love volume so I’ll always go for a darker voluminous look than a more ‘structural’ look. I’ve forgone the whole winged eyeliner look (because I just can’t yet) so mascara is very important for me have an effortless and yet minimal glam look.

Which mascara is your do or die? Which one should I try next?  

Monday, 20 June 2016

10 things I would want in a DAD!

Hi everyone!

So for Father’s day this year instead of doing a wish list (omw, dads are so hard to shop for) I’m compiling elements of what I think would make the perfect dad. So to give you some background – My relationship with my father is very strained because he’s a father and not a dad. He just takes care of the basics like education and health but lacks everything else. So I’ve always craved for a father daughter relationship all my life.

So I would want the following in a perfect Dad:
1.       He’s protective
I feel like I’ve always had to protect myself because my Dad would not come and get me. I’ve always wanted that feeling that my Dad’s got my back so whenever there was trouble I would have to sort it out or ask my mom as a last resort.
2.       Teach me how to do man stuff
My mom taught me how to change a light bulb and put super glue on my broken shoes and once I helped my mom change her own flat tyre instead of calling my dad(who was close by) to fix it. I would have been nice to have a dad teach me all this stuff so that I won’t need another man to do it!
3.       Well being
My Dad will check in with you when he feels like he hasn’t spoken to you in a long time. It would be nice to have a Dad who is concerned about how school is going and how working out of town is going, who I’m driving with and when I got back home.
4.       Take me hiking
Look, I HATE all outdoor things but I would give my left wing (if I had wings) to do outdoor stuff with my Dad. I like all bonding methods and if this was my Dad’s way of catching up with me I would definitely take off my press-on nails to go camping with him.
5.       I want him to scare off all my boyfriends
This is so Hollywood but I love that scene in Bad Boys 2 when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence gang up on the daughter’s date! Lol! I would have to do that myself because my father couldn’t care less who I see or end up marrying. That concerns me so much!
6.       A father’s pride
When I was younger I used to seek admiration/sense of pride from my Dad a lot. I even got jealous the one time when my friend was freaked out about his father finding out what his marks were in 1st year of being at varsity. I remember thinking that there was nothing I could do that would make my Dad proud of me. I still feel that way today.
7.       Teach me how to drive
I had a friend once who told me that her Dad yelled at her so much while he taught her how to drive. And I was just green with envy because I had to go to a driving school because my father wouldn’t teach me. What was important was that he saw it as his job as her dad to teach her how to drive.
8.       Take daughter to work day
I wouldn’t want to be there all the time but I would’ve loved to have seen where my Dad works like for him to show me where he spends the majority of his time. It’s not a big thing but I always wanted to see it!
9.       Call him in the case of an emergency
You know it would be nice for my Dad to be the first person that I would call in the case of an emergency! So when I’m sick or I need some products I would have liked to call Dad instead of mom.
10.   For him to say he loves me
I’m 24 now and in my life my father has probably told me that he loves me twice. In my whole life. So an ideal Dad would say it all the time.

So for Father’s Day I would love the above-mentioned unicorn. If anybody has seen one, please send me an e-mail!!


I hope this post will help you guys appreciate your dads and if your Dad is like mine – you’re not the only one going through this struggle.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

10 reasons why I HATE my job

Hi Everyone!

You heard all the complaints but never knew why, so today is that day! Working out of town really makes you appreciate time. It’s winter now so it’s darker much earlier and we’re always stuck in traffic (I just can’t get used to that) and we’re a team so we have to accommodate each other. So by the time you try to squeeze in a few shots it’s already 9:30pm and now you have to plan for a new day.

So while I’m here I’ve been thinking a lot about why I don’t like my 9-5. And I can already tell that writing this will be an emotional rollercoaster but I live and die by the power of the written word so let’s hope that by the end of this, there will be magical feel better powder in the air.

1.       I’m more creative than numerical
I don’t know much about design and the whole explosion of the digital world of blogging but I know it’s a world I want to get lost in and wouldn’t mind working my way up but in my line of work you need to be sure and accurate and you need to solve everything mathematically or through legislation.
2.       You never stop studying
It creates super tunnel vision because you have no time for anything else until you qualify. You can tell by the time you graduate (for the first time) if it’s for you or not. And I could tell much earlier on and that’s what’s making this more gruelling for me. When you stay, you stay because you have passion or it’s a stepping stone for something better.
3.       It doesn’t come as advertised.
I think 99% of my friends can tell you that what we do is not what we thought we’d be doing after varsity.
4.       The travelling is exhausting
This is totally subjective because my colleagues love the travelling aspect. Living out of a bag strips me from the freedom of having my own space and expressing myself. I’m willing to move anywhere but I’d like to stay put as much as possible (except when I’m going away on holiday of course). I’m really hoping this will change once I start doing the job of my soul’s dream.
5.       It’s ruining Morning Person-ISM
Ever since I took the plunge and turned into a morning person I really add value to my mornings because I have to think about what I’m grateful for. TRUST ME nothing is worse than waking up to a passionless job.
6.       You become a grumpy gremlin
I’m a happy person. Generally. So spending 8 hours not happy really takes a toll on your mojo. I find myself so mean and self-destructive. I complain and cry forever. I spend even more time in isolation. I don’t return calls/e-mails. I ruin my blog schedule and never make time to make an effort.
7.       You wish it was 3 years later
I’m like legit scared of aging (working on it) but I’ve never wished for time to go faster as much as I do now. It makes me realize how unhappy I am. I always feel tense like something bad is about to happen. I’m always glad when the month is over rather than savouring the moment and really living in it.
8.       If your heart doesn’t tell you, your body will.
When I’m sad/heartbroken I experience a lot of heartburn. I don’t know why. So then now that I’ve just been going through months and months of confusion, I’ve seen my body change so much. When I look in the mirror now, the accumulated result of my self-destruction makes me really sad.
9.       I’m always happier on my way home than to work
Literally, when I’m on my way home I will sing in the car and start making plans and just be generally happy. It’s like a trigger. Like a high. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a weekend filled with me establishing myself on the couch with a bucket of popcorn. That would be the highlight of the week.
10.   Your Spirit is in turmoil.
I legit have never been at such crossroads. And being here while adulting has been the hardest thing ever. You just can’t make choices at a whim. You need to think about the consequences that it would cause you (wouldn’t mind dealing with those) but also of your family (who are each facing their own challenges).

You know I’m so glad I got through this without crying. Or, I could be all dried up. Lol! Either way I feel a little more air going through my chest after releasing this so I truly hope it will do the same for you if we have some things in common or even if it helps you understand a friend or family member!

All the best!


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Inside Out

Hi everyone!

You know at this point it's really hard to be both adulting and trying to maintain your independence. You can't just be robust about things that concern your future. You have to think about it. Over a cup of coffee, over 'wine', blow off some steam, maybe fit in a yoga session and most of all, pray a lot about it! During this process it can be so easy to let yourself go. You start to not eat that healthy and you just become numb about things.

And then one day you wake up to no abs, huge thighs and your face is crying out for help. I really believe that what you put inside of you, will eventually show. Either you'll be extremely bloated or you get a lot of break outs. During this time I would recommend 2 quick fixes : an everlasting hairstyle(braids/wigs) and neutral make-up products. The whole contour and highlighting thing becomes way too ridiculous and your natural hair and a weave is way too much effort!

So with my braids I just made sure they were long because I like how they look with dresses and they can be easily styled. The longer you have them, the more your natural hair can suffer because it's not receiving proper care. But for your face I would recommend: concealer, liquid foundation, mascara and a blusher of your choice. I prefer a goldish shade because it's not too glamorous for work!

Even if everything looks bad, always make an effort because this life is just not worth living if you can't look the way you feel or want to feel when everything is working out. To be unhappy is so exhausting because your energy is limited and your outlook is blurred and everyone has to hang out with your gloomy look and listen to all your complaints. One day just find the courage to STOP!

Know your limits and deal breakers. Also know what would make your heart happy and live in pursuit of that everyday or always keep seeking it!

Love your life!

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