Sunday, 15 July 2018

Dark & Lovely Amla Legend Deep Treatment Review

Hi everyone!

Long time, no talk! Today I have a review because I just luuuurve trying new products and I have missed reviewing them! On the hot seat today is the Dark & Lovely Amla Legend Black Shine Recovery Deep Treatment.

I don’t really like deep treatment serums because I don’t really see the difference in my hair but then again the last time I tried it I had relaxed hair and I’m not sure if that had a difference in the outcome. Or so I hope…
So, a few days ago I decided to give it a try because I still have relaxed tips and I was scared that the fact that I never trim it or deep treat it is the reason why it doesn’t grow as fast. So two options arose: cut the tips yourself and try a deep treatment.

So when I was at Clicks a few days ago I looked around for some deep treatment options and I decided to try the Dark & Lovely options. To try to accommodate the process I also got the Amla Legend black shine shampoo and I absolutely loved the thick moisture and scent. I always start with another shampoo to get the dirt out and then go over with the Dark & Lovely oil moisturizing shampoo.

I applied the deep treatment after the conditioner and left it on for about 10 minutes and covered it with a plastic bag(alternative to shower cap *wink wink*) and washed it out. I don’t think I felt an immediate change because my hair was its usual stubborn ‘self’ when I was detangling it in preparation for air drying. I hope that with frequent use I’ll be able to see some results.

See you on soon!!

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