Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Cafe Enrista Review

Hi guys!!

Something quite cool today! I recently got this CafeEnrista sample pack and I just couldn’t wait to try it out. As you know I’m a professional coffee addict. Like pro. And I just loved all of these sachets that were included. They must have expanded the range because I only knew about the Mild, Regular and Strong.

So imagine my EXCITEMENT when I found Cappuccino (fave) in there! So I just couldn’t wait to share this with you guys. 

 1.       The Cool guys

I found about these ones when they first came out. When they were only available in sachets where I live (now you can buy them in packs that include 10/20). What you see is what you get. The mild and the regular are still coffee but the strong one is really strong. One thing that’s consistent is that you don’t want to add anything. It has enough sugar, enough milk and the best foam ever. It also has this creamy silky taste which just makes it more enjoyable.

1.       The Sexy, the Skinny and the Sister

I think the Cappuccino is the sexy because the packet is black with a hint of pink. That’s like a guy who’s not afraid of colour!! Haha!! I started with it because I couldn’t wait to try it out. And it just didn’t disappoint. It was rich and the aroma was to die for (I always smell my coffee before I drink it… is anyone else this weird?)
The Lite Cappuccino has absolutely no sugar. It’s still creamy and smells amazing but because I take my coffee with sugar, it wasn’t for me. But I’m pretty sure that those who take it like that will be more than satisfied.
The sister is the Hot Chocolate! What they say about it is so true! It was so chocolatey!! And I enjoyed every sip. Usually I don’t drink hot chocolate but I’ll definitely start drinking it if it’s served like the way CafeEnrista serves it!!

1.       The Sweet lady and the Spice Girl

I normally don’t drink tea (like at all) but had to try these two because the packaging just makes them seem so interesting!! I mean you want to like seeing what you drink or eat so for that reason I just couldn’t stop thinking how creative the people who designed this are.
I think it took me about a full month and some to try it out (don’t know why). I was quite puzzled with both these options because they both came in powder form and the tea did not taste like how I know rooibos tea with honey tastes like. And I’ve never had a Chai Latte before but from my experience with this one I’m not quite sure if I’ll go back for more. I think that you if you like chai tea/latte you should definitely try it out for yourself!

               They have other ones too! If you’ve had them - Share your reviews with me!

                Follow Cafe Enrista on twitter and check out their range here.

               Talk later!

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