Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Minor prints and beautiful weather;)


Haven't been here in a while because school has just taken me by storm. Posting this also meant sacrificing some study time- and I didn't want to rely too much on the weekend because things always happen that just fills up your weekend right before it starts.

Had a little morning jog in the rain today so that I can concentrate better during the day and it looked like it was going to rain all day but after the rain cleared we experienced(and still are) the best weather in a long time. Its been scorching hot ever since I arrived and today was truly a blessed day to recover from all the darkness that I've gained!!lol-)!!

Today's outfit is quite simple but I thought I'd change up the shoes and earrings if you live in a place that require more ..not simple!

Hope you likey!




I'm pretty chilled at school. Mostly no make-up and also always in flats(which I don't have in multitudes...eek) But it's good enough to go to class with.
Bottoms : FashionWorld
Top: PepStores(gift from mom)
Flats: Mr Price
Heels: old Ackermans gladiators
Olive earrings(thrifted)
Chandelier earrings(FashionWorld)
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Will be able to post more frequently once I have a more effective routine.
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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pairing: Vintage Blouse.

Again- I'm terribly sorry about  this awful quality! I just came to the conclusion that if I didn't start with my blogging right away then I just won't do it. So now I'm taking this challenge on with what I have and that's my Blackberry...""_ But I still find this better than doing nothing at all!

~Blouse- thrifted
~Heels(brown) (gift)
Heels(green and white) Edgars
Jeans- Mr Price
Black bottoms- Jet(old)

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Casual beige bow skirt pairing!

Love this skirt to death! I don't have the guts to wear it public so I thought I'd do a pairing before I amend it.
Still in the market to get a quality camera for my blog posts.

Bottom: Mr Price
Shoes 1. Mr Price 
Shoes 2. Ackermans
Bright orange striped top- Ackermans

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