About me

Hi there!

My name is Jabi and I'm from South Africa.

I blog about fashion and lifestyle. My blog was originally for fashion. It's how I came up with the name 'closetfreedom'. I wanted to express or showcase that you didn't need to break a bank to be able to look stylish...that you can be free to wear whatever you have!

At the time I started the blog I was still a student. So I used to be a master thrifter. It's when I also discovered other bloggers. It started with Wendy's Lookbook and since then I've become so fascinated by the ever growing world of bloggers!

I also blog about lifestyle because of the way I grew up. I'd say I was extremely shy and an eternal introvert who was very afraid to express herself. This blog has definitely helped me change that.

During the day I'm a full time trainee auditor which keeps me extremely busy. But on the weekends you can find me online where the rest of the world lives and where you are right now!!

I love trying new things so recently I also started doing reviews. They are all 100% honest based on my experience and I've also had some good advice/recommendations reading other people's reviews which has greatly influenced the way I shop so you can expect honesty from mine.

I hope you like this space.

Welcome to my world!!

Connect me with me

E-mail : jabi.closetfreedom@gmail.com

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