Sunday, 30 October 2016

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Review

Hi everyone!

I’m literally screwed. First off, I’m beyond burnt out because I work close to 14 hours per day and I can’t even take weekends off. I left my camera at home because it’s way too expensive to even leave it in the safes that come with guesthouses. Plus I feel like I’ve too open in my actual life. I have to contain that because it gives me anxiety more than anything. I haven’t shopped and I am in a huge financial crisis that I really hope I did not have right now.

On the plus side I recently got this Essence Long lasting lipstick that I was so excited to try out! I love how Essence adapts and stays hip and new and fresh. But it’s utterly important to try one product per range so that you can be happy with the quality because your stomach becomes bigger than your eyes! So to speak!

Some Pros. It’s rich and full. It’s also very moisturizing and has a great glossy finish. It’s affordable and has great packaging.                          
Some Cons. It’s super glidy so it was hard to apply to the hard to reach areas. The colour thins out and was pretty much gone after a minimal burger.

Bottom Line – It’s dealer’s choice! It’s not a bad lipstick but I will only use it on selected days. So it’s really up to you!

I was hoping the colour would come out more burgundy on my skintone but went way more brick than I thought!

Have you tried out this range?

What are your thoughts?

Saturday, 29 October 2016


Hi everyone!

I’ve been out of town for 3 whole weeks now and I’m utterly exhausted. The pace is just so quick (I guess) which is bad for me because I’m still at the beginning stage where you get to know your client and their environment. I’ve had to change guesthouses because the one where I stayed had brown bedding (which might not be such a big deal but I just could not) so the new place is okay and I’m going to stay there now till end of November.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with a friend that I met in university that I haven’t seen in a while. And you know how it starts with the ‘How have you been?’. I’ve been dreading that question for the last 3 years because it’s just always followed with such negativity. And to be quite honest I’m so tired of it. Just pure fatigue. Nobody tells you how tiring complaining can be. And so poisonous.
Yes, I do not know where my life is headed. I’m educated so that is a blessing and a privilege. And I have a job that pays the bills and also adds critical experience to my resume which is not all that bad. One thing I was completely clear about yesterday was just saying that I don’t have a 5 year plan right now and there’s so many contradictory things that I want to do in my life so I just don’t know where to start. That’s a point that we need to get to.
So today I’m going to help you say some things out loud so that your heart can make peace with it.  I’m going to call them the 5 okays.
1.       It’s okay to not have a 5 year plan
2.       It’s okay to not have everything you want right now
3.       It’s okay to not have all the answers in your20s
4.       It’s okay to feel lost/confused.
5.       It’s okay to withdraw

People who live their lives day to day might not get this. But people like me, who are serial planners and goal orientated, something like this is most definitely cringe-worthy. Like constantly and all day so it is not easy to get over it. It’s a process. If you can’t get your goals back in line or you don’t know what is next – this is a great place to start if it’s leaving you feeling hopeless.

Sometimes it will feel like nothing matters and that your life is basically over which should be a sign that it has been left untreated for too long. Similar to planning withdrawl. Because your plans used to give you purpose and something to look forward to so without it you feel like a drifter. A loser. And it also feels like you’re waiting for something to align again.

The point of talking about this is to enter the acceptance phase. It’s so easy to chase unicorns at this stage purely because you don’t want to go without goals/purpose. At this stage even with goals being without passion is so deadly. It’s like being retired with no post retirement plans. Or being without family during the Christmas holidays like Sandra Bullock in While you were Sleeping.

Don’t grow weary. Instead just prioritize and apply. Even if something is beyond your knowledge or it’s outside of how you’ve been trained. Always take a leap of faith atleast once or twice a year. And there’s 365 opportunities for you to add some passion/drive in your life. If something is preventing you now to be pro-active, then buckle up and see it through. Thereafter follow your dreams and passions and be happy!!


Saturday, 8 October 2016

Things YOU can do to help with anxiety

Hi there!

I’m known to not react well to some life stuff. I guess it’s why I always talk about how to react to them so much. I sometimes get anxiety because of how routine my life can get. Then I’ll get anxiety about trying something new. Then I’ll get anxiety about why I haven’t tried those new things that I said I would try. So if you feel like you also do this then call me up because I could really use a cool person to go through these anxieties with!

Lol, I’m jk. There’s plenty of things you can do to stabilize your anxiety. I think I go through a mild one because I’ve heard some scary stories from people who go through this every day. Recently I ‘overreacted’ to a work obligation that I could have handled better, looking back at it now. I knew that I was going to another province at the beginning of October. A few days after that I got a call saying that I’m leaving that Sunday.

I know that is very normal in our line of work but how but I think the peak of anxiety takes place when a number of things happen at once. At that moment, I was experiencing fatigue from clients that I’m currently working on, extreme writer’s block, ridiculous financial crisis and anxiety from trying to learn how to drive and I’m also learning to live with my siblings which is a thing of its own.
So going through this I’ve had to create a list of things I could do in order to deal with it better that doesn’t involve becoming a winery owner.

1.       Have a healthy control over substances.
If you’re a smoker/alcoholic/user of other things because of anxiety it will really help to not have too much dependence on it because it’s always what you’ll want to reach for as soon as you feel overwhelmed. Life stress doesn’t get less so learning to find ways to cope will definitely help you prioritize.
2.       Accept what you can’t change
A huge part of anxiety is not being able to get over something. It blocks your way and it makes you optionless. Sometimes the best thing to do is to look at it and accept it. This is so important because you have to make your mind accept it. It’s not just a switch that you can flip on. It’s like telling someone not to worry. So always make it a priority to have a method that work for you.
3.       Focus on the immediate problem
I think for us, instead of solving the problem right in front of us we tend to focus on how everything has been messed up since birth. And it can be really hard to re-focus on what you can do about your immediate hurdle. The road to recovery involves solving the issues instead of piling that issue onto the archive that you’re already carrying.
4.       Be one with Nature
This might only work for me but when things are quite rough all I can think of is getting some fresh air at a very high point. It’s probably why I can’t stand a place with tiny windows but I’m not about to add claustrophobia on my list of things so an alternative to this is to leave the room and count to 10. It sounds stupid until it’s the only thing you have left.
5.       Connection
You don’t need to be in a relationship to have someone to talk to. Recently I got a person that I just met and asked them to be a listener. They must be willing and you can give them instructions on how to be there for you. They should not give you solutions. That’s your job. Their purpose is for you to lower the load that you’re carrying so that you mind will be less pre-occupied.

Guys, life is hard but you don’t have to be. Always speak up because someone might be able to help you manage your life in a really healthy way.

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