Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How to take a man search break

Hi everyone!!

As part of resolutions and scary birthdays where you realize that you’re not getting any younger we (girls) tend to take drastic measures to correct all the years of being single! Admit it!

Lol, but I think after a couple of months of exploring in #theyearoffindingbae we realize that it’s not easy to put your heart out there. The vulnerability. The danger. The compromises. The withdrawl.

I think that when you start changing  like letting your emotions run wild fuelled with jealousy and rage because of the hurt you feel when some of these flirtations/brief relationships don’t work out -then you must know that it’s time to take a break.

These tips will help:
1.       Cut out those people that were too toxic to be around. That made you doubt yourself or diminished your values and questioned things that were the foundation of your existence. They’ll just continue to do that until there’s nothing left. Typically when he abandons you (eventually) - you won’t know what a healthy relationship feels like.

How to do that?
·         Delete their number from your phone
·         Block any incoming calls from them
·         Have NO communication with them.
·         Don’t ‘accidently’ bump into them. Shop elsewhere.

2.       Hang around other single positive people. Not people who talk about their ex all the time. Or someone who’s prone to one night stands or any other random sexual encounters because they’ll probably want to tell you about them. Be with other girls who are about to start a new project or are being promoted or people who travel just so that you can talk about anything other that longing for someone.

3.       Decide to put your journey on hold. I feel like finding someone shouldn’t be a goal. It’s like people trying to get pregnant. I feel like if you force it – that’s when it won’t happen for you. The most amazing love story I’ve ever heard was of Michelle Phan and Dom. She was just having a cup of coffee in Paris as part of exploring the city and when Dom saw her, he knew. I mean who knew he was even going to be there? And he’s been her biggest love ever since.

4.       Continue being confident! Wear heels. Don’t leave the house without make-up. Always add to your Victoria’s Secret collection! Just because you’re not looking for him doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t look for you! Be radiant ALL the time! Beauty really starts from within and you should continue taking it to higher levels. 

      There’s no bigger compliment than: ‘SHE’S BEAUTIFUL…INSIDE AND OUT’!!

Live your life!!

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