Friday, 28 November 2014

It's all about that Hair!

Hi everyone!

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to take a little break from weaves and stuff. Problem is - I know nothing about maintaining hair!! And.. I also can't buy everything at the hair shop! So my hair is really coarse and dry. So after I washed it(it's super prone to dandruff) I didn't use a dryer(I don't have one) and I also didn't detangle(I just can't) so it's been a rough coupe of weeks. However I'm quite suprised at how these products have made my life a bit okay. All these products are available at hair shops or even grocery stores!

First up is this amazing shampoo!
Let me just say-my hair has never felt cleaner!!
I am however disappointed on day 2 because I thought it would have retained some of the oil in the hair but my hair went back to its natural dryness. It smells amazing during the wash and also today!
So I think this product is a must have!! I applied it twice and only on the second time you'll experience the true value of this product!

Next day I used this awesome Moisturiser!
All I can say is that it's quite rich and it will help you hair feel smooth enough for your to mould it into anything you want!It also smells amazeballs!

Next up is the Oil of 7 wonders. Maybe I didn't read the instructions but this oil doesn't blend with my hair, so I've just been using it on my scalp to keep it from being a dessert!For that purpose only -I'd say that it is more than effective. What do you use it for?

Last but not least is this 'lifesaver'
At first I guess I expected it to be more creamy but its watery texture isn't making me feel confident enough that it is working. Am I expecting too much too soon?

This post is so weird! Never thought I'd ever talk about hair!!
Please leave a comment to help me use them more effectively or what they can be 'grouped' with for the best results!!

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