Sunday, 31 May 2015

Life as a lifestyle blogger

Hi everyone!!

I think I can describe myself as a daydreamer, fiction lover and excitement addict. I can get excited about pretty much anything. Sometimes people call me a girly girl (I don’t like that) and a hopeless romantic (absolutely not). I think I just value simple things. Like silence and the colour white. And flowers next to my bed and old photographs and reading a book about solving a mysterious murder.
So becoming a lifestyle blogger came like second nature to me even though I’m crazy about fashion. I think that even if I clean my room I just have to leave a part of it a bit messy. I don’t know why. So whenever I’m in my room there’s a couple of people (me) talking in my head. So I’ve decided to share those conversation with you (spoiler alert: if you think I’m weird now – it’s only going to become worse).

As of late I believe that I’m on a path of self-discovery but being the eldest of 4 children there’s just never time for ‘alone time’. You just always have to think for your siblings/family. It’s really scary. And very frustrating, especially those last minute things that happen unexpectedly.

So ever since I began blogging about my life more I found that it gave me such peace. It doesn’t solve anything but it leaves my body through my fingertips and then I just set it free in the universe. I find that extremely helpful because of my ‘spider webs in my head’ personality (if that makes sense).
I don’t like sharing too much about myself but sometimes when I’m talking to someone I realize that after 20 minutes of talking non-stop, I might have overshared. That’s why I find secretive people frustrating. Especially when they don’t realize that they do that. Lately I’ve just taught myself to walk away when that happens because 5 minutes later I think I’ll end up shaking it out of them (calmest reaction).

So through my lifestyle posts I’m basically letting you into my world. Like a reality show on E! Entertainment (looOooOol). I share beauty tricks (which are basically written as if a guy is writing about beauty because I only know enough to get myself out the door without looking like Jim Carey (in The Mask) and stuff that we girls talk about like college advice, confidence and self-worth(which I’m super passionate about) and boys( but less on this topic because all the cool guys I know are my friends…and all the new ones become my friends too! Uhmmm, what’s that superpower called?

Haha. So I’ll be giving you their point of view in my posts too) and I guess current events about cool stuff (enter ideas of cool stuff here).

Lol! So if you’re also a daydreamer and online dweller I think that we’re going to be spending some quality time together! Do comment so that it becomes more interactive! 

Till next time


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