Wednesday, 23 December 2015

MCMs of 2015!!

Hi everyone!

2015 has had so many amazing highs and new people have just popped up from all over and based on a recent conversation I’ve decided to share my #MCM’s with you! I’ve been watching The Real online a lot lately and I always loved the #MCM section of the show!

I know that it's not Monday but to be quite honest I only remembered #MCM on Wednesdays. This year I’d say that I definitely chilled under a rock because I always knew of new people way after everyone else was tired of them. So today I’m sharing with you some eye candy from the music scene/ tv shows!

Decided to keep it to a minimum because I'm sort of scared to reveal what a perv/dork I am.

1. Jidenna
Lol guys, am I the only one that thinks that this guy is totally gorg? I mean I never really got to watch the Classic Man video but when I was jamming to Yoga I would be supper excited to get to Jidenna's part of the song!! This guy is totally 100!

urban daily/google

2. The Weeknd
Guys I seriously only knew him from the I can't feel my face song while the rest of you guys probably knew him from his track on 50 shades or even before that! I absolutely love this guy's voice and his creativity!! I'm still a bit undecided about the hair but I guess it's what makes him The Weeknd!!

Billboard mag/Google

3. Terrence J
Guys this guy has been around foreverrrr and I'm just like hey, Terrence now! If you read my 20 facts you know that I'm super gaga about him!! He seems to have an awesome personality and who of course can miss his gorg smile? I think I should stop talking about him now(lol).

4. Steelo Brim
I only know Steelo from Ridiculousness but these days I see him more on Social Media at events and so on. To be quite honest - my mom once said that she wanted me to marry him because he's so good looking!! Do you guys agree?


5. Trai Byers
I know you know him!! Everyone watches Empire!! What draws me to Trai is his personality and humility! Try following him on social media and you'll love him too!!

Essense Magazine/Google

6. Kendrick Sampson
I mean how can I complete this post without this How to get away with murder hottie?! Nah girls! I was introduced to this guy by my friend Thembi and when he joined the cast of one of my fave tv shows I just paid more attention to him because he's just drop dead gorg without effort!! He's also interesting on Instagram!!
Vanity Fair/Google

So what do you guys think? 

Let me know about people that are not on this list but are on yours!
(They might be on my extended version)

Enjoy the holidays!!

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