Monday, 7 December 2015

How to Function on Reserve Tank

Hi everyone!!

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been sooo sooo tired. My weekends are also filled up so I haven’t been able to sleep for a full day. On top of that I have to still show up for my 8 to 5 and also be alert and accurate for it. At this moment I’m just closed for business but it seems like it’s our busiest time yet!! Most of all new information has not been absorbed by my brain yet and at this point, it will only be processed sometime next year!!

So to cope I’ve decided to rely on my list making skills because I need to get my life!!!

1.       Rely on your body’s routine.
I think our bodies get used to waking up at the same time everyday so when your body’s up just go with it because if you snooze that button your body will relax and you’ll wake up 3 hours later.

2.       Drink a lot of water.
Seeing that I’m like zombie on heels at work I make sure that I’m a water-drinking zombie on heels. I think what most girls do when going through a stressful period is to also neglect basic healthy necessities. We’re just hopped up on energy juices and we forget to give our bodies that most important element to provide us energy with.

3.       Isolate.
As much as its healthy to see people and have conversations it’s also important to take a day off. If that’s not possible for you do an activity that will still enable you to be alone. I think that spending time alone allows you to help you realize what’s exhausting you and I think you get an opportunity to exercise some problem-solving powers. At this moment I think I’m stressed because I’m doing new work on my own and that I think I’m in a team with the worst planners on earth. I can’t say anything because there are my bosses and I think they might take it the wrong way because I’ve only been here for a year. There – I feel better for saying it already!!

4.       What now?
I think as girls we need control in our environment. So then if there’s chaos we need a way out or a way to cope. So in finding that solution you have to think about the solution that benefits you and also a solution that will not regret. People act irrationally when pressurized so take some days and think about it or better yet ask people who’ve been in the same situation as you!!

5.       Count the days!!
We’re almost closing and in order to get there I have to go through this hardship but I think it’s always better to go through something with a goal in mind. So always look forward to the next thing. Your life can’t be standing still or be stuck in a rut so never fail to make plans and don’t think that your life is meant to go nowhere!! That can’t be the point of life!!

I promise you as soon as I concluded this post I can already feel the difference in how I feel now than what I felt when I walked into work this morning!!



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