Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Affordable Party Dresses

Hi everyone!

Omw guys, I've been procrastinating so much lately. Creating a lust list has literally been on my to do list for the longest time and I've just never shared it with you guys. Omw, deepest apologies!!

I'm going to start off with simple and affordable options from Legit and MrPrice. I think those two outlets fit everyone's pocket and that it's super stylish for parties around December. I wanted to create several options for you guys so in this post it will just be the classic little black dress.

The skater dress is amazing for people with wider hips and girls with amazing shoulders. The sheer dress is for girls with a lean body and giraffe legs and who are a bit shy about their arms (yes, girls like that exist) and then the black and white dress is basically for the average height girl who want to show off some curves and then that last dress will cater for girls with abs.

I hope you guys love this selection!!


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