Thursday, 24 December 2015

Affordable Christmas Dinner Beauty Essentials!

Hi everyone!!

So as we speak I'm on my way home to spend Christmas with my family! For some reason I hope it rains because I want to be able to wear my beautiful lace dress that I got for the dinner.

On our Christmas days we've always just come together for dinner, took a few pictures and just continued with the day. This year I asked my mom to buy a tree because we've spent the last 6 years without one. And a Christmas tree just ties everything together in my opinion!

So to prepare for the dinner I got some key things all under R250 so that you can keep Christmas shopping under control.

I saw these cute palettes by Essence(Roses, Greys, Neutrals and Bronze) and got the Bronze one because I just thought it will go well with the dinner party theme and my dress is burgundy so I thought it will also fit well with the dress.
I sort of lost my eyeshadow brush so I picked up this one to try it out (I seriously need to start my brush collection already omw). Hopefully it works well!
And then the red nail polish was so unplanned and to be honest I do not like red on my nails but I'm just so focused on putting the whole Christmas look together so I think it will look spectacular!
Can't wait to try out my falsies! They just look sooo amazing!!
The mask is for after Christmas - my skin will definitely deserve a 20 minute session and also because it was recommended to use the mask twice in the first week of use.

Have you guys used Sorbet face masks? What can you tell me about them? will you guys spend your Christmas?


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