Monday, 28 December 2015

Valuable Lessons of 2015

Hi everyone!

This year has definitely been a roller coaster year for sure! If you track my posts from January you’ll see that I’ve gone from post student time to learning how to adapt at the workplace, coping with having my own money, move to more lifestyle blogging and taking blogging more seriously in a way, build up more confidence and also learning a crapload of new things at work.

I have to say that it has definitely also not been an easy year. Struggled to fit in at work because I still have a career identity crisis so I’d have to learn to make smart decision that aren’t necessarily what I would’ve have wanted at the time but I have to learn to make adult decisions based on pros and cons that I always advise you guys to do.

I’ve also learnt so much about myself through my ‘how to’ posts because I truly do what I advise you to do or it’s based on a period of my life where I also had to go into survival mode. My friends sometimes say that I’m too hard on myself and I had to look in the mirror and try to find out why that is. I just find myself so guarded sometimes and I really don’t want you to be like me in that regard but know that what I say to you is truly what I do in order to be okay and fully functional! And most importantly to be HAPPY.

So these are the most important lessons that I’ve learnt this year!
1.       Have some faith!! Faith comes from hope so never live one day without hope.
2.       Always be better than yesterday. This whole year has been a learning year therefore you can’t be taught the same thing every day so always apply what you’ve been taught and then become a boss at it the next day.
3.       Do what makes you happy. If you hate your job and you spend the majority of your day there – you’ll be on anti-depressants in 6 months
4.       Plan your time. You only realize that you had time when it’s gone.
5.       Execute your plans. Otherwise you’ll always be in the dream-level of your life.
6.       Eating badly leads to weight gain. I am now living in all my bad eating habits that were caused by unhappiness and stress by an unexpected workload and change in environment. So no matter how you feel, always watch you eat. 
7.       Don’t be in denial about your inability to adapt in a new environment. If you admit and address it you might be able to survive better.
8.       Always treat yourself every month. It can be manicures or trying out new restaurants and trying new hairstyles.
9.       Don’t get stuck in a routine. I truly don’t know anything worse than doing the same things every day for the whole year.
10.   Plan for a getaway. I’m ridiculously regretting that I didn’t plan anything this year and it will just NEVER happen again!
11.   Have your goals on paper. In that way you’re holding yourself accountable. The year is long and you can’t go through the whole year without feeling like you accomplished something! No matter how small. Have goals and keep track of their progress.

Reflecting now has really made me so emotional! It’s been a good year. Learnt so much! Grown so much!!


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