Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015:: Life in Fashion

Hi everyone!!

I think I’ll expose myself too much if I did a throwback to all my fashion posts so I’ve decided to narrow it down to my favourites of 2015. My blog was originally fashion based but when I started a new job this year I just realized that I could either stop blogging for a while or just write about what I was going through and I'm just so glad that I decided to do that!!

Today though I want to also pat myself on the back because whenever I got an opportunity, I did not let it go to waste. I do want to eventually transition back to fashion because it's one of my passions but for now I need to prioritize my studies and other goals in my life.

Today I'm sharing with you my best 9 from this year! I hope you guys agree with me in this selection!!

I hope you guys will continue to visit my blog despite the lack of amazing lighting and scenic backgrounds (working on it, promise) and that you understand/identify with my pairings! My wardrobe is super tiny and I re-use a lot of statement pieces - which is actually the goal of my blog and that is the realization that you can have style without having a massive wardrobe collection!!

Here's to another year!!

Always have hope!!


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