Saturday, 10 January 2015

LIFE| How to deal with waiting for a job.

Hi everyone!

So today I thought I'd open up more by talking about a personal struggle and what I've learnt from it.

How to deal with waiting for a job/ post graduate blues?

So it goes a bit like this. You had a blast at university/college and now there’s no funds for you to remain at university/college and you have no choice but to look for something to keep you busy! It might as well be what you studied for right? So you go onto Google to poke around and a few things you like pop up and then you send in your resume/CV and have some ice-cream on the way home with the hopes that they’ll call you soon to start working...or so I thought.

I think it’s been about 3 months now and I’ve made more than 70/80 applications for me and my brother. My brother recently got some responses but I’ve gotten almost no feedback and most of them said if there’s no communication from their side then consider your application unsuccessful. So I assume that’s what happened to most of them.

By now I’ve gone through just about every emotion. It started at positivity/optimism through to confusion and frustration and then just sadness, disappointment and despair. I even stopped looking for a while. Convinced myself that it wasn’t worth it. I’ll just sit at home and ‘rest’. But then resting becomes tiring and it takes up a lot of energy to do nothing day in and day out. I’ve always had something to do and somewhere to be and I quickly realized that I needed to get the quitting attitude out of my system. I didn’t suit me.

What really helped was having something to do. For me- it’s this blog. The planning, the photos, the uploading, the constant hassle at the internet cafe and trying to keep up with current trends.
Now I’m more determined. It’s okay to give up today. But only today. Tomorrow shouldn’t carry yesterday’s burden. I’ve now learned that the hard way.

Here’s what I recommend to help you try again!

Don’t give up. Have atleast one thing that keeps you going. Even it’s money. Sometimes people say you shouldn’t be motivated by money but if you can’t even buy toiletries on your own then you obviously need money! Let that push you!

Surround yourself with cheerleaders! It’s easy to not take negative feedback well. So you need those people who know how suitably qualified you are! They are also the people who’ll put in a good word for you with their associates/colleagues who know someone’s aunt who’s looking for someone with your qualifications.

Keep yourself busy. Depression lurks when there’s nothing going on in your life. It will keep the war in your head. Instead fight against it with having something to do even if it’s doing something for someone for free. It’s frustrating but it will get you out of your head. Michelle Phan couldn’t get a job and then filmed a make-up tutorial. And now she’s a successful millionaire.

Keep an emotional cycle. If you’re emotional like me, it’s quite easy to be totally destroyed by negativity or the waiting game. So always have a restart point. Mine is Mondays. I don’t take the previous week’s things into the next week. So on Sundays I make sure that I recharge to go into the week on a high. I push through with the applications till Friday and then focus on my blog on the weekend.

Don’t compare yourself with your peers. This is a mind thing. Don’t count the people in your age group who have jobs now or are progressing in their lives. This could destroy you. You are you! And you’re on your own path! I think this might make me preach! Point is..5 years from now you all be in different stages of life. Focus on your own goals and not on how far someone is ahead of you! God has a plan for your life. The road has been set. You’re currently travelling on it which means that this time in your life is suppose to teach you something. That’s why I choose to look for the lesson in it.

So today’s lesson is – NEVER STOP DREAMING!


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