Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How to | De-clutter your closet!

Hi everyone!

So today I'll be tackling a #girlchallenge. Girls never have issues. We just want to chat about things without being told what to do or when to do it. I know some girls start the week on Tuesday after they've celebrated some victory over #BlueMondays!

Today's challenge: How to say goodbye to a cluttered closet! 

Make a decision. I think all major changes in life come from making a decision and sticking to it. I’m a girl too and I love everything I’ve given money away for. And I do think my world will end if I had to lose that top, this skirt and that other scarf I got at that fleamarket 3.5 years ago. I get it. I also know the power of girls finally making up their minds. When we’ve reached that point we’re just capable of doing amazing things!

De-clutter. You don’t need ALL your clothes. You know you have items you never wear. Why keep them? Personally, I hate smothered closets. It’s as if you’ll die before finding that other basic white tee. You want your closet to represent you fully. Not you and your other personalities. If you have them, then get additional storage spaces for them too! Storage. When I was in university I could never go home so I had all my winter and summer clothes in my room. Thankfully we had storage underneath our beds so in summer I would store all my winter things in there and keep a cardigan and a blazer for emergencies. You can’t have 4/5 jackets hanging in your closet during summer. Because then you’ll have to fight with them each morning looking for a blouse that’s deeply tucked into one of those jackets. Buy a storage container and neatly stack unused clothes in there to open up more space in your closet.

Donate/Sell. I donate because my mother has an orphanage so we do it every year. It’s just so nice to see how you grow through a process like this. Once I only owned cartoon themed tops. And at the end of that year I gave them all away because I was just more attracted to things with bling and light frills! Gave away some items that I bought because of a trend hype(never doing that again) so now I know what to look for. You usually say goodbye to ‘what was I thinking’ pieces and items you have 20 other replicas of..like the poor basic white tee. Don’t you always just buy those for the sake of buying them?

Get a system that works. I like folding my clothes. They drive me crazy if they are just hanging around and have no order. So with a bigger closet space I’d fold my clothes all the time. But with a smaller space like the temporary one I have now I rolled my clothes then stacked them in those rolls. It saves space and it still gives off the ‘organized ’look.

Decor. Everything else can be used as decor. We girls like to see our investment so that it can reassure us that - you know what? Life out there is bad, but atleast I’ve got that pair of (*insert fave shoes here*). And we can look at it and point at it and just feel better already. So don’t throw your heels in a box. Find an open space in your room and display them!

I hope these tips will help you make your space more breathable and proud to look at!

 Till next time!


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