Monday, 19 January 2015

Blue and Brown MisMatch

Hi everyone!

Shut down my blog last week because I needed to focus on looking for a job. And honestly - it was the best decision ever. Drawing up a schedule made me feel in control but last week I just couldn't stick to it and I'm terribly sorry for that.

But I'm here now and so excited to share this Sunday outfit!

To be honest I would have never put this together because I just always know that I wear pants with this blouse but decided to take a risk and this was the result!

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

My hair is such a hot mess but it just reminded me of slightly worn out white All Stars and they always look better when they look like you just picked them up from the street!! Lol!!

Top - thrifted
Skirt - MrPrice
Shoes - MrPrice
Earring - local craftshop
Sunnies - Cotton On

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