Wednesday, 21 January 2015

How to || Find your own STYLE!

Happy Wednesday!

So today I thought I'd share something that I used to struggle with.

Today's #girlchallenge: How to find your OWN style!

I truly believe style is a word that should be left out of a dictionary because it’s like a fingerprint! It’s unique and no-one else has what you have. After cleaning up your closet (previous post) I think it’s the perfect time to figure out what you like! Again it won’t be accomplished in 2 seconds. There are ridiculous sales going on everywhere and this time – instead of just buying it because it’s 50% off – decide : Does this say ME?

So this post won’t help you find your style but encourage you to find it! It’s not an overnight process.

So start with what you can’t live without. It can be as simple as jeans (the ones that suit your body best) so don’t stick with a trend that clearly doesn’t look right. Boyfriend jeans look awful on me. So the ones I’ve purchased I kept for a little while then gave them away because I just couldn’t make it work. So now when I’m looking for another pair I’ll be looking for an investment piece and it will be the only one I’ll own.

 It’s okay to be judged. In life and especially here in SA we tend to judge each other a lot. Especially girls. I understand why. Most of us were raised conservatively. Only those strong enough became rebels and were lucky enough to be accepted by their families. The rest of us had to change the outfit just so that we could be allowed to get in the car. The only time you were truly free is when you were at university and no-one knew where you came from. So to take huge fashion risks you have to be okay with the fact that not everyone will like it BUT if you like it then that’s all that matters! Rock it with confidence!

Style doesn’t cost a milli. I truly believe that style doesn’t need to break the bank. I have huge financial constraints right now but my style is not affected because it doesn’t depend on funds I don’t have. That’s why I’m a huge thrifter. This way of shopping is not for everyone but I believe that amazing classic thrifted finds can add something extra to your closet. Atleast in the US and maybe in the UK they have thrift shops. We only have a market with no building. Then they pile up all the clothes in there and you just have to find what you’re looking for! Sometimes it’s not even washed or has a giant stain on it but you’ll have to decide whether the purchase is worth it. The process gives me such a rush! Try it! For shoes however, quality is key. So I always go with a reliable brand.

 Find people like you! I think blogging is so healthy for whatever people need it to be but more especially for people who feel alone in their community. Suddenly there are people out there just like you! That’s the joy blogging has given me. I also love that magazines and media businesses are now also available everywhere online, connecting you to things that you love and also finding people out there to talk to. And you can do that with your style. A particular pair of shoes can make people friends because they share something and I believe that that’s better than having a style icon. Instead of dressing like someone you take the risks yourself! If it works then it’s fantastic and if it doesn’t (and this should also be according to you ONLY) then own it!

 In order to see if this works, one day you’ll just come to realisation that you like certain things and you definitely don’t like some other things! Then you’ve got it! Then SHARE how you got it and help other people find theirs. With helpful suggestions!

 Till next time!!

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