Saturday, 27 December 2014

The South African Tag! //The Questions

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I'm ready to get 2015 up and running!

So to get things moving I've altered the British Tag so that we can 'tekkel' it properly! Haha!

Call me a romantic(?) but I really hope this tag will help us become more of a community so that blogging can be a more real platform in South Africa.

And so that some of us can find people in the corners of each province who are more like us so that we can connect online through sharing some cute clothes or awesome make-up products!

I hope you have fun!

These are the questions! Please tag every blogger you know!

1. How many cups of coffee do you have per day? What type of coffee and why?

2. Fave part of the 7-colour Sunday dish?

3. What sports team would you spend most of Saturday watching while enjoying a classic South African braai?

4. Fave South African word/phrase + most annoying?

5. South African treat?

6. Which SA DJ rocks your socks?

7. Favourite SA personality? Why?

8. Favourite province? Its main attraction?

9. How many South African languages can you speak?

10. Favourite South African Song?

11. TV show watched by most South Africans that's also a must-watch in your family?

My answers will be on my channel next week!! Can't wait to watch/read yours!

I Tag- EVERYONE!! I'll give some special mentions on twitter next week!


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