Friday, 19 December 2014

Review > Bronzing Pearls

At first glance I really didn't know what this was. 

Until I looked it up in the launching brochure and got totally excited to try it out!!
I've recently tried to increase my make-up brush collection so I think its better to just use a brush when applying this product.

So after the highlighting and contouring you can apply the pearls to really add onto the glow so that it can give you a luxurious sparkly finish. 

You just pat your brush in the container or use the tool already provided to roll the pearls before applying it to your face.

When I first used it I found it to be 'quiet' which would be perfect for a normal day at work and I figured that you''ll just use more when you're going out or having some sort of glam event!

Recommended areas - nose, cheeks and forehead!
I will gladly provide a Get Ready With Me video to explain the process!

So if you want to spoil yourself this Christmas - get em pearls on your face girl!!

Do you guys know similar products to this? From other make-up brands?


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