Monday, 29 December 2014

Calm tones for Christmas

 Hi everyone!

How was your Christmas?

This is what I wore while I was eating the most delicious leg of a lamb!!

Dress - MrPrice
Shoes - Dunns


Some sharing..

So this year on Christmas day a couple of things were missing. 
A tree, gifts and the whole fuss of getting Christmas ready.

To be honest - it was sort of sad. But then within me was this little hope that next year's one would be better. We've only had the house for a couple of years and for some reason our old traditions stayed at the old house and I felt really empty without them. 

Previously I would just go enjoy it elsewhere like the Kruger National Park or a place with a beach..but if it's indoors I really think that it should feel more homey..if that makes sense.

And what's homey..without a tree?

But in the spirit of looking on the bright side I took a few snaps of my ootd!

Hope you guys had a great day!!
Can't wait for the year of the START of better things!!!

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