Monday, 22 September 2014

Date night || Flirty circle skirt

Hi everyone!!

So I had a good day! My friend is getting married in 2 months so I went with her all over town to find some bridesmaid dresses. It's such an amazing experience and later on a knot started forming in her stomach when she suddenly realized how 'real' all of it was. To be honest I'd be freaking out sooo soo much if I was in her shoes! 

This knot also forms within me whenever I'm in skirts. This one I bought with my eyes closed because I didn't want to change my mind once I had it. And the one time I wore it, I felt really uneasy.
I have a leg showing shyness(if that's an illness?) so I assume background wherever I
am, but this one is a real headturner! So if you want to accomplish that, get one of these for the summer real soon!!

All items worn are from MrPrice


Reach me here -->>@closetfreedom

New haul coming up on my channel soon


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