Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New Year's Eve :: White Lace

Hi everyone!

Seeing that I've gone more lifestyle on the blog I've gotten so used to writing in my jammies with a messy bun and a great cup of coffee. And I just haven't been feeling up for shoots lately. Butttt I've been so inspired by the GRWM videos for the New Year and all of you guys looking gorgeous in your OOTD posts!

So this morning I bought a lot of fresh veggies and fruits and I've been trying out some easy snack recipes I found on Youtube.

If you feel great on the inside - it will reflect on the outside!

So to prepare for New Year's Eve I'm putting together 3 options (originally it was going to be a wishlist because I've been feeling quite body awful lately but like I said I feel great today so I've decided to create a lookbook instead!)

Option 1 is this beautiful lace dress I got at Mr Price. I got it the time I went to our annual reunion in October and it's been one of my staple pieces ever since. Actually today I was feeling like stacking it full of pearls and vintage necklaces and I don't have any!! Starting a necklace collection feels very logical right now!!

What do you guys think of this look?



  1. Guuurl you are hot hot hot! Love this look!

  2. You look stunning! That dress is perfect for NYE!

    Sempiternal Adventures

    1. Thanks Tshego I think I also like this option more!! xx


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