Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How to become a morning person

Hi everyone!!

For the longest time I only identified myself as a night owl. On most mornings I just used to roll out of bed and it would take close to 3 hours to be really awake. I really don’t miss those days. I think one day last year after I couldn’t sleep for 3 days(…again) I just decided to get up and watch the sun rise for 2 days and it was super life changing for me. I would cry or whatever but that was because I felt burdened at the time, but that specific time in the morning became my favourite time of the day.

I think with a little mindset changes you can become a morning person too!

1.       The key to changing anything is for you to accept that YOU need to want to be a morning person. It’s the same as negativity and optimism. No-one is born to be the one thing forever. So in order to become something you must really want to become it.

2.       Second thing is to work towards it. If you want to be a morning person you must be awake in the morning to truly transition. You must just let it all in. Have your breakfast by the window, take a quick run or start your day early.

3.       Appreciate things about the morning! I believe everyone has a lot of energy in the morning!! Your body is rested, your brain is fresh and a good stretch is actually effective. But if you roll out of bed and your posture is all wrong, you’re going to have a heavy day and everything is going to feel like a burden!! It’s a new day so look new too!!

4.       Slowly shut down the opposite. You can’t be negative and positive at the same time. Just as you can’t be a morning person and a night person at the same time which means that you’ll have an earlier bedtime person (which you must accept) and give yourself a fair opportunity to truly transition. No-one can willingly function on 3-4 hours of sleep every day (unless of course there are circumstances that make it impossible for you to get say 6-8 hours).

5.       Depending on where you live you might have the blessing of getting fresh. I live in a place surrounded by lots of trees and there’s just pure fresh air and it’s on a mountain. I can’t sleep with my windows open – I don’t react well when I’m face to face with a giant insect or based on where I live now some sort of snake that lost its way home. So the first thing I do is open the windows and just take in the new day.

6.       Always start your day with a nice and coldish glass of water. It gets your body up and running and I always find it impossible to sleep afterwards. I just think that you’re giving your body new fuel to just get it up and ready. Try to drink a full glass before you shower if you’re a coffee person so that by the time you drink your coffee your body had a chance to work with clean water!!

One thing I learnt from Fringe from Olivia was that mornings were her favourite time of the day because it was so full of promise and that you don’t know what the new day will bring and I will always carry that with me!!

Ps: Also, I love watching Michelle Phan (more like stalk but who’s investigating?) so I loved it when she said that whenever experiencing failure/disappointment it’s God’s way of saying not yet or there’s something better.

Always start your day on a positive note!!



  1. I too struggle with being a 'morning person'. Mostly because I seem to be more productive at night and only seem to function properly in the morning after my fourth cup of coffee!

  2. Haha!! Lol! That's been me for like the majority of my life!!Sometimes it would be so bad that I was only truly awake at 12 and then in an hour it would be the end of my classes(that started at 7am)!! I don't know how I used to get through varsity!!


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