Friday, 14 August 2015

#WomensMonth Tribute

Hi everyone!!

As you know on 9 August it was Women’s Day and I almost wanted to cry thinking that I should have dedicated this post to all the women in my life!!

But I’ve realized that if you keep a positive attitude then there’s no space for crying over spilled milk. So, just like we like to make February Valentine’s Day MONTH I’ve decided to jump in the bandwagon of my fellow South Africans who are currently celebrating Womens Day MONTH!!

I hope in reading this (whether you’re South African or not) that you’ll also make one woman in your life feel special by dedicating an open letter to them.

I thought this year I’ll start off with a woman I call Momi!

Dear Mom

I am the woman I am today because of you. Because of you I can embrace being unique and loving that about me. You’re always the person I miss when I feel sad or happy. I always look forward to curling up next to you even though you don’t like it because I make your body fall asleep on the side that I’m on. Even if the world is cruel with mean judgments you always remind me of the positive side of life. We’ve been through so much hardship and I’ve learnt so much from you even though you say that you’re the person you are today because of me. But I know that what I am now, was shaped by you.

You taught me what unconditional love feels like – it’s how I know how to transfer it to others. Sometimes I wish I can divide you up into a million people so that I can give you to every girl who doesn’t know what motherly love and guidance feels like and every person who just wants a cheerleader who can just keep them going in trying to reach their dreams. You’ve always been my cheerleader even though you sometimes did not know what I was doing/trying to achieve but because you’d see the happiness that it gave me, you just ended up wanting it more than me. That will always mean the world to me.

You’ve taught me the valuable lesson of crying. I never knew what to do with my too many feelings. You’d console me while you were crying too. You taught me how to be a girl/lady and also how to have a young mind. I love how you teach me to be beautiful and that it’s okay to enhance and flaunt it. I never believed that I was a pretty girl till about 2 years ago but you always told me that I was. You’re an over protective mom which made me a late student at the university of life but knowing what other girls have gone through at my young age, I’m so grateful that you shielded me. I now know my worth because you treated me like a rare gem.

I love how I can call you when the food I’m trying to cook starts falling apart in front of my eyes. I love that you’re okay with my below average cooking skills. You always say that I make up for it in other things. Like being a cool person maybe? (lol!). I love how you teach me to be responsible and to always stick to my word. I love how you taught me to be humble and to always try new things. Thank you for all the pink stuff in my room (I asked for green though) and teaching me the importance of standing out (even though I prefer the shadows!!)

Last but not least is how you’ve taught me how to share/give. Just like with you, I believe that I have that gift embedded deep within me and I’ve realized how much it gives me life to see another person’s prayers be answered and subsequently changed for the better!

I love you mom!

Had to stop writing earlier because it made me so emotional (lol, I’m such a dork).

I hope you guys select a woman in your life to write to!!

If you read this post till here then I tag YOU!!

Till next time!


  1. this is beautiful. parents are soo special and important. Its a beautiful thing that u have a great relationship with ur mother.

  2. Thanks Barati! I'm truly grateful! Hope to see your letter soon! Xx


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