Thursday, 16 July 2015

Confidence to start a Youtube Channel.

Hi everyone!

This topic was inspired by Stacey and Sophie!!

I have a beginner sort of youtube channel with no set schedules or any video that’s gone past 250 views or went viral. And that’s a good thing because it’s giving me time to ease into it until I’m set to deliver quality videos that have a lot of followers.

When I first joined Youtube in 2011 I wasn't sure what I had stumbled onto. I think it took me a year to sign up and actually subscribe to people. Back then I didn’t know what subscribing even meant and I thought the videos I was seeing must have taken up a lot of effort to publish.

I think I used to watch Patricia Bright exclusively up until I got into Shirley B. Eniang and Michelle Phan. Then I found Bubz and they had millions of subscribers even back then! And I watched them all the time as far back as the time they first started and they’ve really come a long way!

When I first started my blog I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I just remember struggling to upload after I went looking for the best location and after I got someone to take them for me( only got my first camera in 2013) and the video I first recorded was 50 random facts because I thought that it was just so much fun to watch other people do it!

Editing it was a b-word!! I think it took me 3 whole days to edit because I was using Windows MovieMaker without a manual which also meant I had to look for Youtube videos explaining how to use it. And my confidence took quite a knock because I suddenly realized how uncool my tag was. Other people’s lives/answers were so interesting and mine were of a boring person with 8 cats. So there I went with the cutting and pasting and the putting back and taking away.

But because I was determined to start my channel I knew I had to start somewhere. So on the 4th day I woke up and went to the library at uni and uploaded it. It took forever! And at first it didn’t want to process. Then I had to look that up to see if I could remedy it, all the while stressing how badly edited the video was.

Then it was published!!!

For a while it felt like a burden was lifted. Then I was scared someone would see it. 

BUT the world kept spinning like nothing happened.

6 months later I bought a camera and filmed 7 videos in 2013 in between being a full time honours degree student!

Starting something is never easy but just starting is sometimes EVERYTHING!!!

Produce content that you love watching because based on that it's probable that that is what you like talking to other people about too!! 



  1. such a great read.
    it can be a bit intimidating to start one but hopefully it will be soon

  2. Thanks!

    You can do it!! Can't wait to get my eyeballs on the first one!



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