Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Review - Avon Winter Nails and Lips

Hi everyone!

At the end of May I ordered these two Avon products because I wanted some winter colours for work. I don’t wear a lot of make-up at work so I turn it up in the nails and lipstick department. So when I looked around I found this perfect shade of nail polish and lipstick from Avon Cosmetics.

So when I first had it on it come off as a dark pink and I was quite puzzled because I thought I picked the wrong shade. But with a second layer it really comes alive. It has enough moisture to not make your lips dry and also enough to last all day. I only re-applied after lunch and it stayed on till past 6pm!

Nail polish

To continue my burgundy winter trend I thought this nail polish would look amazing seeing that I’ve only stuck to pastels in the past. But a lot of people were quite attracted to it and they also gave it a try. I had it only for an entire workweek and I was very satisfied with how long it stayed on. I applied 2 layers which also made it look more vibrant.

Have you guys used Avon Cosmetics before?

What's been your experience?



  1. I have never tried Avon cosmetics but this is such a beautiful shade! Might be trying it out soon.


  2. Do try it out!! I think it might suprise you! Xx


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