Thursday, 26 March 2015

HOW TO shop for boys| BASICS

Hi everyone!

So recently an old friend of mine asked me to help him set up a new wardrobe.

Some background…This one time I went out to breakfast with him, he wore blue trackpants, white sneakers and a hoodie – let’s just say I had a lot of meditation to do on our way there. But it didn’t really bother me because I knew that that’s probably what he found ‘comfortable’. LAAAWD!!

Keep in mind is that this guy is a bit shy, nerdy and about my height if I’m wearing flats.

My focus is to find him a comfortable wardrobe and add a little something extra.
Make him a bit noticeable.

So I’m thinking more Adam Levine/Lunga Shabalala/Lala’s Chris/Chris Pine/Aldis Hodge
If you don’t know Aldis Hodge – he’s that gorg guy on Leverage!! I’ve married him a couple of times while I was daydreaming.

So here’s what I’m what I’m looking for.

-A lot of basic tees. I also have to keep in mind that winter is around the corner so I’ll also be getting some long-sleeved ones.
-Up to 4/5 new quality denim pants. I’m not really into skinny jeans for guys. Some guys just can’t pull it off. So I’ll opt for that 5th one to be a beige/dark green chino. It doesn’t stand out too much to draw eyes to him.
-I also love a good old fashioned denim jacket so I prefer those thrifted. But not for a denim on denim look. Again – some guys just can’t pull it off. I also want to add casual blazer in there and one leather jacket(only if he looks good in it)
-For some winter gear. Guys, I’m a total sucker for a guy in amazing knitwear. Especially if he’s rocking that look with a 3 day old stubble and grey beanie? I just say my husband flash in front of me ( #justsaying). So I’ll be looking around for some cardigans and wool jerseys.
-And then shirts. I have no problem with a white shirt and black tie. But seriously get some colour in there! I think light-skinned guys can pull off darker colours. But dark-skinned guys should stay away from those colours and stick to the lighter side of the colour palette. Right now I’m into the white/blue combinations, soft pink/purple colours and the ones with a distinctive print. I think they look gorg on anyone. Just a sidenote – blonde guys should never wear light green. Omw.
Every guy has shoes and belts. But I think I’ll get this guy a brown combination. I lot of guys have been rocking that with blue suits! So gorg. On anyone! I’m not really a fan of belt buckles so I’d keep it clean and simple.
I think guys should have shoes for every occasion too. Not the same shoes for every occasion! Sneakers are fine. Just pick their days. Also, there’d different types of sneakers so have days for them too. Formal shoes for me shoes look classy. Not with gold/silver studs or to long that it curls up at the front (goodness!) Also (this is a preference) the shine should be minimal. I’d rather have you earrings that have the shoes do that function.
A new look isn’t complete without trying a new hairstyle. For guys – the options are limited but I’d like to think that nerds are wildcards so they can pretty much try anything because they’ve stuck ‘to what works’ for a long time. So that celebrity hairstyle that’s on your phone? Get it done!
As I’m writing this I’m realizing how much more I have to say! So let’s call this part one of minimal style for guys. If you guys want to discuss it further please let me know in the comments below!
What would you add to make my friend’s wardrobe more complete? How different/similar is your style?

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