Wednesday, 4 March 2015

First Job Jitters( an update)

Hi everyone!

I think I owe you guys an update!

So recently I started a new job and it’s been quite stressful. Let me be clear though I like what I do and it’s what I went to school for. I think at the time I got it I had run out of options and felt really bad that I couldn’t contribute to my family. Also at the time - everyone was pretty much getting back from the holidays so money was really really scarce. So I decided to pause my ‘figure my life out plan’ and basically grow up.

So it’s an 8-5 job errday type of job and I honestly have to say that I’ve never been so tired in my life. I thought that I was tired during university but now I realize that I was soooo kidding myself. Luckily my new team isn’t that big which I guess has its pros and cons. Some days I wish that there were more so that there’s (I guess) a chance that there’s a person with my sort of personality. If I could describe them I’d probably say that they are extremely technical, numerical and focused, which is not unusual in this sort of environment. This just means that I’m just all alone in a group of people five days a week.

I’m so grateful to God because I feel like getting here was just prayer and God showing me favour. When we underwent training there was a lot of people there who were talking about some of their friends who were still looking for a job. One of my best friends is also looking and she’s qualified so this was totally relatable. I’m a huge believer in the relief you experience when you cry - so every night when nothing went well during the day I’d reserve the nights for sobbing. Not the depressing kind though because on each new day I was just ready for new things!

So what’s next for my blog? I’ve been asking myself this question so many times because since I started working I leave before the glorious crack of dawn and return home wayyyy after sundown. And so far I’ve had zero time for shoots or reviews or hauls or any of my favourite things! It just truly breaks my heart to live this way! Worst part is – there is really nothing I can do about it until I move closer to work and I have no idea when that will happen right now.

So I just need you guys to know that I’m alive!! I’m just in another phase in my life where I have to pay bills and stuff! I hope that we can grow this year because now I will actually be able to do hauls more often and sort of grow into the style that I identify with!

Lots of Love!!



  1. The struggle. .. it takes a while to get used to having a full time job right after college...anyway I hope you get a place closer to work soon.

  2. thank you stayc!! I hope so too!! Just need to push through the last few days!!


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