Sunday, 4 January 2015

What you can expect in 2015

Hi everyone!!

So I’ve been doing a lot of blogging research lately and I’ve decided that I want to put in a little more effort into my blog. I definitely know that I want it to be sustainable one day and I’m willing to put in that time and effort to make it unique!

What I’ve realized is that I definitely want it to reflect who and what I am. So far I’ve focused on style and fashion and had no idea that I loved dressing up and collecting shoes. Before I was just satisfied with sneakers, flip-flops and something for church, but I have since then significantly increased my shoe collection!

I also used my blog as a creative outlet from a suffocating career and to be honest I would just upload pictures because I took pictures of my outfit that day to send to my mom! But looking back I’m happy that I atleast started it (my blog) because I don’t know where I would be right now without it. This year I’m determined to make it more than a hobby and I’m so eager to get started!! I hope you are too!!

So this is what you can expect from me in 2015:


I’m launching #GetYourLifeSundays which will be motivational posts. It’s going to be about my life (for now) e.g what I’ve learnt and the challenges I’ve overcome! I think here I’ll be free to be myself more. I think you’ll also get to know me more this way.

Expect 2 style posts (Mondays and Thursdays) and 1 #GetYourLifeSunday post each week.

I will try to increase the quality of my photos this year. I’m saving up for a quality camera and I can’t wait for you to see amazing photography on my blog!
I’m changing my blog name. (it’s a suprise!)
From now (after my blog name change) I will be blogging under my real name (I will explain in a blogpost)
I will have monthly favourites here and on my channel.


I have filmed and edited 3 videos that I cannot upload so consistent uploading will depend on my internet access situation when I get my own place.
In a perfect world (which I will be in soon) I’d be able to upload 1 video a week.
The editing quality will be better once I have proper editing software and a good set-up!
My videos will consist of lookbooks, hauls, monthly favourites, tags and travel diaries and others that I can think of!
Exciting times ahead!!
Till next time!!


  1. what will be the new blog name?

    1. it's a suprise!! I have a few options and I wna make it a big launch when I finally decide which one I'll choose!!! cant wait!!


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