Monday, 29 December 2014

The South African Tag / The Answers post

Hi everyone!

Tried to tag as many SA bloggers as I could and the questions are available in my last post if you still want to participate!!

Had so much fun recording this video but I thought that I should also make it a post on here because most of you will be doing it on yours!!!

So this is sort of what I said in my video!

1.       How many types of coffee do you have per day? Which type of coffee and why?
2 cups! In the morning (I’m sometimes always late so I can’t sit down and enjoy a good breakfast) and I have a severe craving for another cup at like 11pm. Then I truely feel cursed when I have a severe case of epic insomnia!

2.       Favourite part of the 7-colour Sunday dish?
We don’t eat that much so we usually skip the rice, meat, veggies, beetroot, coleslaw, desert, wine routine for the standard rice en chicken and sometimes a little gravy. I’ll spot my plate easily because mine is the one with the least food. My mom isn’t a big fan of soda drinks so sometimes you’ll have to survive without it!! Haha!

3.       Which sport will you spend most of Saturday watching while having a classic South African braai?
Options : Cricket/Soccer/Rugby?
Definitely cricket!! I mean the other two just bring too much drama!! And screaming at the TV is just not on. Cricket is just calmer and the game is just chilled to talk about. You’re most times in favour of the umpire. The other two – you hate the ref, that guy is awful and should just retire and you’re never satisfied with the goalkeeper’s performance because you believe you can play better than him...
I just can’t deal with that!

4.       Favourite South African word/phrase and a word that annoys you?
Annoying..mabebeza!! I just shut down when I hear it!! It’s not sexy. the swati word for a male hen!! Too hilarious!

5.       South African treat?
One bite of a tasty koeksister!!

6.       Which South African dj rocks your socks?
I’m not a house music fan but my brother would kill to meet dj Kent! I have no idea who he is!

7.       Favourite South African personality?
Khanyi Dlomo – CEO of Ndalo Media and Founder of Destiny Magazine!! She’s a gorg bawse lady!
Nicky Greenwall – I envy her love and passion for the entertainment industry. My favourite show used to be The ShowBiz Report!! And I never really got to watch The Close Up because we had no tv at uni. So that makes me quite sad! Currently ScreenTime is also my fave show!

8.       Favourite Province? Why?
I love the city! But here in Mpumalanga you can just unplug and unwind. And I see myself as a person who needs a lot of alone time and I think it’s only possible here amongst the animals and tall trees and unscheduled rain showers!

9.       How many South African languages do you speak?
SiSwati, English and Afrikaans!

10.   Favourite song?
HHP – Mpitse + Music and Lights

11.   TV show watched by most South Africans which is also a must-watch in your family?
7de Laan! That’s how we learnt to speak Afrikaans! I stopped watching it for a while but now that I’m back home my mom is like..”Is it 6:30 – it’s 7de Laan time!!” *Rolls eyes*  ..goodness.


  1. That's a really interesting tag! I want to try this 7-colour Sunday dinner! The only SA speciality I have tried is Biltong! My friend bought some back from SA with him.We are hoping to go to Cape town in the Christmas of 2016 to stay with our friend who moved back there!

  2. lol, its a mess! Biltong's the best! 1 more year to go before your Christmas in Cape Town!


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