Sunday, 14 September 2014

Thrifted :: Colour Splash


I'm on a total roll today!!

So today I woke up feeling amazing! Had a 6hour test yesterday and I took a strong sleeping pill so I got about 10 hours of sleep! So when I went to get food earlier I felt the need to wear this amazing maxi dress my mom thrifted for me!! To make it clear, I DESPISED it at first, then one day I saw it amongst a box of my clothes my mom prepares annually to give to charity and it made me weep after I tried it on. Now its one of my favourite thrifted pieces!

What do you think?

Dress ~ thrifted
Shoes ~ Ackermans(old)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

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  1. Very Beautiful !!! , I Love how the maxi dress fits you !!


  2. thank you Molly!!

    cute blog!!

    so jealous of your new BM rings!!


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