Monday, 27 June 2016

Shirtdress Stylin’

Hi everyone!

So a while back I got this fab shirtdress from Mr Price and it was not winter yet so it was the perfect piece for a little tweak in my wardrobe. And then suddenly in the morning I ironed it so that it could be everythang for work and I accidentally burnt it…

First thing that I felt after that was a tear rolling down my cheek. I just couldn’t believe what happened! After that I was literally on the phone with my mom because somebody needed to help me carry this tragedy STAT!! And I knew I had made the right choice because in the middle of my sobs, Mom said that she also burnt a new item the first time she was going to wear it and spent 10 minutes crying about it which made her late for work! haha!!(I love that woman)

So on a lighter note I decided that seeing that I can’t wear it, I can definitely style it! I mean what what’s the point of letting it go to waste?! I’ve always wanted a shirtdress. Mostly inspired by Samantha Maria but I thought that hers looked too London Fashion Week and I needed something more practical.

So overall I thought it was very comfortable and easy to style. Very breezy and very light. Originally I wanted to style it with a red lip and minimal strappy black heels. But I wanted to do a pink make-up look so I ended up styling the shirtdress around it.

 I styled this look with this gorgeous clutch that I got as a gift from my mom that she got from The Box that I'll tell you guys about soon! It was the perfect elegant piece that just fit in perfectly with this look!

Thank you for stopping by!


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