Tuesday, 28 June 2016

#BET2016 Red Carpet

Hi everyone!

Nothing gets me quite excited like the Red Carpet side of Award Shows! That’s like my ultimate joy! And it’s just so funny how I never knew the importance of knowing the designers. It’s like discussing an epic movie and not knowing who the actors are who portray the roles!

So then for the BET Awards this year I was quite excited to see what happens! I like the fact how South African personalities were there just representing our country and I was also excited for Black Coffee’s big win for Best International Act. I have to say though I never really listened to Black Coffee till Pieces of Me and I think he really deserved that award!

So back to the red carpet! I have selected a few looks to share with you guys that really stood out for me. If you know me you’d know that I like something effortless with a wow effect so that will show in my selections.

1.       Janelle Monae

image - CNN

She drives me insane because she doesn’t wear anything other than black and white but I really loved this number. I love how the bottom framed her and I’ve never seen her wear something so plunging in the cleavage area before so the overall look worked for me. She kept everything clean and crisp with her signature lip and accessories.

2.       Bonang Matheba x Megan Good

I feel like these two complimented each other. Bonang’s look is classic and covered and I love the bow detail as well as the fin ruffle at the back of the outfit. She kept it classic with a pair of gold heels that really went well with this look. Megan went with the cut out effect and I definitely love this colour on her. I love the design by the shoulder and the obvious slit in her dress. She just looked flawless!

3.       Tia Mowry

Image - CNN

I think Tia was gorgeous in this number. I never really follow her on the red carpet so I was quite surprised by her outfit. I thought out of all of them, this is something that I would wear or feel comfortable doing the Red Carpet with/in. I loved the combination of colours because it really complimented her skin and I also thought the silver tassles gave it a bit of an edge. I think the barely there heels were the perfect match for this look. Yassss Tia!

4.       Regina Hall x Toni Braxton

Regina almost always wears black. I think last year she wore a different version of this dress. She’s probably one of my favourite celebs because she’s just so beautifully normal. This dress gives you curves and cut outs and I love how it sits on her. She has a beautiful shape and it’s beautifully flaunted in this dress. Toni’s dress is very similar to Regina’s but we’ve all come to expect a little more skin action from Toni. It has the same see through hip action(like Regina’s) and  Toni is showing off her mid-section and it was really flattering on her. She's still got it.

5.       Nandi Mngoma

Image - CNN

I have to say that this was definitely a wild card for me. At first glance I was like NO when I saw the bottom part of it on Instagram. Not because it wasn't gorgeous but because I felt like it was detatched from the top. I also felt like it was too Hollywood meets Traditional in an interruption kind of way but I’ve slowly come to see the beauty in it. I still think it’s not for everyone but it definitely made a statement and was pleasantly unique. I’m still a bit unsettled about it. I definitely want to see the line that they are launching!

So bottom line is - I wish I was there! I think everyone looked amazing! I also thought the men made a lot of effort and deviated from the whole black tie look which I can really appreciate because I think the BET Awards are more flexible than the Oscars so this is a good platform for Men's Fashion!

I hope you guys also liked these picks!

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