Monday, 20 June 2016

10 things I would want in a DAD!

Hi everyone!

So for Father’s day this year instead of doing a wish list (omw, dads are so hard to shop for) I’m compiling elements of what I think would make the perfect dad. So to give you some background – My relationship with my father is very strained because he’s a father and not a dad. He just takes care of the basics like education and health but lacks everything else. So I’ve always craved for a father daughter relationship all my life.

So I would want the following in a perfect Dad:
1.       He’s protective
I feel like I’ve always had to protect myself because my Dad would not come and get me. I’ve always wanted that feeling that my Dad’s got my back so whenever there was trouble I would have to sort it out or ask my mom as a last resort.
2.       Teach me how to do man stuff
My mom taught me how to change a light bulb and put super glue on my broken shoes and once I helped my mom change her own flat tyre instead of calling my dad(who was close by) to fix it. I would have been nice to have a dad teach me all this stuff so that I won’t need another man to do it!
3.       Well being
My Dad will check in with you when he feels like he hasn’t spoken to you in a long time. It would be nice to have a Dad who is concerned about how school is going and how working out of town is going, who I’m driving with and when I got back home.
4.       Take me hiking
Look, I HATE all outdoor things but I would give my left wing (if I had wings) to do outdoor stuff with my Dad. I like all bonding methods and if this was my Dad’s way of catching up with me I would definitely take off my press-on nails to go camping with him.
5.       I want him to scare off all my boyfriends
This is so Hollywood but I love that scene in Bad Boys 2 when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence gang up on the daughter’s date! Lol! I would have to do that myself because my father couldn’t care less who I see or end up marrying. That concerns me so much!
6.       A father’s pride
When I was younger I used to seek admiration/sense of pride from my Dad a lot. I even got jealous the one time when my friend was freaked out about his father finding out what his marks were in 1st year of being at varsity. I remember thinking that there was nothing I could do that would make my Dad proud of me. I still feel that way today.
7.       Teach me how to drive
I had a friend once who told me that her Dad yelled at her so much while he taught her how to drive. And I was just green with envy because I had to go to a driving school because my father wouldn’t teach me. What was important was that he saw it as his job as her dad to teach her how to drive.
8.       Take daughter to work day
I wouldn’t want to be there all the time but I would’ve loved to have seen where my Dad works like for him to show me where he spends the majority of his time. It’s not a big thing but I always wanted to see it!
9.       Call him in the case of an emergency
You know it would be nice for my Dad to be the first person that I would call in the case of an emergency! So when I’m sick or I need some products I would have liked to call Dad instead of mom.
10.   For him to say he loves me
I’m 24 now and in my life my father has probably told me that he loves me twice. In my whole life. So an ideal Dad would say it all the time.

So for Father’s Day I would love the above-mentioned unicorn. If anybody has seen one, please send me an e-mail!!


I hope this post will help you guys appreciate your dads and if your Dad is like mine – you’re not the only one going through this struggle.

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