Saturday, 25 June 2016

Essen(c)tial Battle

Lol, get it?

Hi everyone!

Been struggling to find a title for this post and it literally just came to me now so I also got a chuckle out of it. This is the last weekend before my last week working out of town and I just couldn’t be more excited! I just missed being in my own space so much! I couldn’t take my camera with me which was such torture.

So living out of my bag creates opportunity to forget stuff at home. The one week I forgot my mascara and had to get a new one. The one I normally use is really clumpy which I love and the one I got was very accurate and had more spaced out ‘flares’ and I thought it would be cool to compare them. They’re both from Essence and I just love how affordable and attractive they are in packaging.

So with the All Eyes on me option I found it to be effective but extremely subtle which I really love when I’m not all dolled up. It’s not at all messy or difficult.

The I heart Extreme crazy volume mascara does just that. I’ve found myself wiping it off and applying concealer on my eyelids to ‘correct’ the wrong ‘lift’. You definitely can’t apply it in a car and without a mirror. And I just love the crazy volume it gives you. You just look glam instantly. 

Through comparing the two I’ve found that I love volume so I’ll always go for a darker voluminous look than a more ‘structural’ look. I’ve forgone the whole winged eyeliner look (because I just can’t yet) so mascara is very important for me have an effortless and yet minimal glam look.

Which mascara is your do or die? Which one should I try next?  

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