Sunday, 8 November 2015

10 tips to get ready for summer!!

Hi everyone!!

It seems like you guys liked the 10 tips to get ready for spring so I decided to write another one for summer! I don’t know what you guys will be doing but I think that we always experience scorching hot Decembers all over the country! So before the sun sets, let’s get started!!

1.       I’ve been talking about reaching year end goals since the second semester started, so I’d suggest that if you haven’t done something cool, we should think about something right now. The only thing to remember about 2015 can’t be Japan beating the Boks (rugby) or #feesmustfall or Adele’s Hello. Plan a last minute trip or invite a few friends to go hiking and make some memories!!

2.       If you’re not bikini bod ready, it’s not a train smash. You could either (a) not wear a bikini and do something more outdoors or (b) decide that everyone should fly sideways and wear your bikini anyway!! Life’s too short to care what people think. Especially if you’ve had a rough year.

3.       Let go. If you’ve had a rough year it’s really a huge load to carry going into Christmas with a heavy heart. If you can, find a way to let go so that you can carry on. If you need some time on your own, take some time off and disconnect in a healthy way.

4.       Family Time. Spend some time with loved ones. There’s something really therapeutic about that. And if you’re in a cool family like mine it will feel great to hear about the progress that your family has made during the year.

5.       Reflect. With some painful memories behind you, you might not want to do that. But if 2015 was a good year for you then this would be the perfect time to tick off some things that you’ve achieved in the year.

6.       Love. If you’ve been in a committed, long-term relationship, this is the time to capitalize on holidays and finally spending some time together. And also the best time for the perfect gifts. And some reassurances and making new memories. If you’re not in a relationship then this is the perfect time to let your guard down and mingle!

7.       Fashion. Summer is all about skin. The dresses, the shorts, sunscreen lotion and flip-flops and rad sunnies. Even if you’re not going to be dipping in the ocean, you just have to know the dress code! Don’t walk around in sweats and slippers! Dressing up can do wonders for your mood and worries!

8.       Planning New Year’s Eve. Isn’t amazing how many weird stories you hear of what people do on New Year’s Eve? LOL! You can’t be spending it at home! Find out what your friends are doing and join in on the fun and weird stories!! Or better yet – put together your own party!

9.       If you’ve been unhappy the whole year, and it’s your fault, really…it’s time to wake up and make changes. Personally, I’m not really a fan of New Year’s Resolutions but for the sake of argument – let’s call it that word. They fall apart so easily but the realisation that the year has gone to waste and it’s already December….that has GOT to be a wakeup call to anybody!!

10.   Bid Farewell. Also similar to the thing mentioned up here but not at the same time. Say goodbye to all bad habits (realistically). There’s no point in dragging things that you know are not good for you around all year. This includes people. People who don’t appreciate you or try to match the effort you put in for them in their own way.

 Life is a gift! To live I in regret or misery is a tragedy. Make changes today!!


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