Monday, 23 November 2015

15 of my Favourite Feelings

Hi everyone!!

I hope everyone is well!!

The other day I came across such a special video on Youtube. It was Claire Marshall’s 15 of my best feelings or something like that and I think I’ve watched it like 3 times now already. The video is beautifully edited – so definitely some #editinggoals there – and it’s just sooo meaningful.

Because I’m not used to vlogging I thought I would just list it here on my blog! I recently did 20 facts and I’m starting to feel like I’m oversharing!

So most of my things are similar to hers but I was interested to see what my other favourite feelings were!!

1.       Opening up my windows in the morning. It’s one of the first things I do. It just makes me feel grateful and determines how I’ll spend the rest of the day and what my outfit options are for the day.
2.       Definitely when I’m having my first cup of coffee. At this moment I’m enjoying Enrista. It’s creamy and super smooth and smells amazing (who else smells their coffee *hands up*)
3.       When I have time for make-up. I’d rather be on time than be late so if there’s no time, I skip make-up. After adapting at work I started carrying a carry on make-up bag in my bag so now everything is fine! LOL!
4.       When I know what I’ll be doing for the day. It’s super frustrating to not have a plan of the day. But when I have a list of things to do/ know that I have free time and will therefore be able to make my own plans, the day definitely goes by much better.
5.       When Scandal comes out! The suspense is really too much from Thursday to Thursday!! I mean whose rule is this?
6.       Hanging out at Bargain Books. It’s literally the best place for me to hang out when I’m having a day off. I love discovering new books and buying fictional action packed books!!
7.       Trying out new restaurants. Super weird. Seeing that I’m not a club person I’d rather be Dora the Explorer of food and new shops.
8.       Hanging out at church! It’s the best place for me to be. My soul gets enriched and I just get strengthened and get ready to take on any challenges! I’m also a huge lover of Planetshakers!!
9.       When I can finally be by myself. I like singing and dancing and lying around and to see how far I can try out a recipe without burning my food. And sometimes I would restructure my room and catch up with the online world.
10.   Being with my mom.
11.   Being with the rest of my family.
12.   Being with parentless kids. I believe that I have so much love to give so whenever I get an opportunity to mentor girls I grab it with both hands. Especially girls who know already that they’re destined to do big things and basically just need a cheerleader.
13.   When I’ve had a really hard day the best thing that can happen is rain. It’s when I know that everything will be okay (so weird).
14.   Travelling. Super nerve-wrecking but definitely worth it! The world is so huge!! I just love seeing something out of the norm.
15.   When I give in to sleep. I think I’d rather be awake all the time but that moment when my limbs give out and my eyes can no longer remain open is the best feeling in the world!!

This was soo awesome!! I hope you guys enjoyed this!!

Do check out Claire’s video!!

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