Saturday, 10 October 2015

Fresh Energy {A Review}

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is well. During my last stock up I decided to try new things. I work out of town now and I have to live out of my bag so I can only take essentials. Being in this environment it can get quite rough on your health and beauty habits. So I decided to add to my skincare collection!

My new client is based in a very dry, hot and humid area so I've been wearing minimal make-up and I'm always tired after work so cleaning up my face can be quite daunting. So when I saw the Simple exfoliating wipes I just had to give them a try. I've also seen Shirley and Suzi use them so I was curious to get into the hype.

Amazing product! It's extremely effective and not harsh to my skin. I really hope they re-stock them because they will now become part of my out of town suitcase! Each pack has 25 wipes which is more than enough for roughly a full work month. Definitely a mush have! I was also excited to see that they have other products that I'll definitely be trying in future!

My normal exfoliator was running out and I had the option between the Garnier scrub and face wash or Neutrogena, and I'm glad I decided to go with the one I wasn't sure about because it's currently exceeding ALL my expectations. The pink one was originally my first choice but because it's summer I'm all about the greens and its freshness. I've been having a lot of issues with my face lately and I really just feel clear and fresh after using my new scrub. Definitely a hit!

I found my wipes at PicknPay and I'm sure they can be found at Clicks and Dischem as well. Try it out!

What has your experience been with Neutrogena?

Let me know below!!


  1. I always find Neutrogen to have a really good range of products - especially for combatting problems!

    Musings & More

  2. So true!! I'm thinking about splurging on some of their other items! My skin needs some rehab.


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