Monday, 17 November 2014

Breezy Flow

Hey everyone!!

Quick update!

I'm at home so goodbye anytime internet access which means that I will not uploading consistently until I can live in a city again! I will, however, be using an internet cafe to load quick ootds and a few reviews.

So it's been super windy and cold here at home and also super humid at the same time. I have afro type hair so it's very difficult to maintain it myself so I just lock it up in bigsize cornrows!!
You'll be seeing this A LOT!!

When I came home I wore this last minute Cotton On purchase and it has really become a staple piece. Really light fabric and bold print makes it an effortless choice for a breezy ootd. A winter hat would have been an awesome way to accessorize it!

Jeans - Fashion World
Shoes - MrPrice
Top - CottonOn



  1. I really like this outfit!

  2. thank you! xx! love ur blog!


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