Friday, 21 March 2014

Winter weather but Warm Sunshine ~Pairing with Black Classic Skinnies!!

HeloOo again!

I always miss this blog when I'm away from it for more than a week!! My life has been so dramatic in the past month ...and to be honest -I don't see it slowing down in the next couple of months. So I've decided to embrace it with a new attitude!!

It's really true when they say beauty comes from within. Now..I truly believe that you really have to feel it from inside your heart. So as soon as I felt a little better I had this twist-style braid hairstyle done. To be honest- I'm not a big fan because they take forever and only last for as long as you can maintain them -which is a bad idea for me cause I'm a more on the go type of girl! So for the next month I'm going to try my best to keep them looking great!

Today I'm doing a pairing with my classic black skinny jeans that I bought at Fashion World a while back. The 1st look is actually a dress but I had it tucked in underneath the peplum top. I've worn it that way for an entire day so I will not embarrass you or make you feel burdened and then with the 2nd look I used a thrifted blouse that I absolutely luurve and bought for R15 last year!!

I hope you enjoy this pairing!

Peplum ~ JetMart
Shoes ~ MrPrice
Bag ~ thrifted
Earrings ~ Ackermans
Skinny Jeans ~ FashionWorld

Top ~ thrifted
Shoes ~ FashionWorld
Earrings ~ FashionWorld

You can check these items and others out online on:

MrPrice -
FashionWorld -
Ackermans -

Thank for reading!!
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