Monday, 29 August 2016

Essentials :: Corporate Summer Look

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been having an interesting August. By now I would have already packed a bag to work out of town (again) for 3 months. But for some reason I’m still in town and I’m all of a sudden in charge of our smaller clients (for the first time ever!) with even less supervision which is such good progress!
So the winter is slowly disappearing and Spring is almost around the corner so we normally skip right into Summer because it's already super hot! Recently, the biggest challenge is finding the best combination in transitioning back into your summer wardrobe but also being super comfortable at the office all day.

Today I will highlight some essentials that you’ll need to kick Summer’s butt. You guys know I’m all about being anxiety-free and most times it really comes from not feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing! But there are solutions and the ones below is how you can also make it happen!

For Men

-          Slim fit look
As of late, it has become very important for guys to look fresh at work. It’s so important that guys know what suits their bodies to have that crisp and stud look. What's even more important is also what's underneath! Undershirts should be a soft layer that you can barely feel and should also not burden your overall fitted look!
-          Discreet and Comfortable
Look, we’ve all seen those ‘adjusting grazes’ with guys! LET’S BE HONEST. Truly, I have no idea what guys go through to be comfortable in suits but why don’t we take a moment and look into some good alternatives. At the end of the day all you need is something with the best fabric, the best fit and something with a practical function like these options from Tommy John .
-          Can men Accessorize?
Lol, guys have such limited options so it's always best to stick to basics. Clean and simple looks very attractive. Even something basic like a good hair cut! Sometimes I’d like to think that it means that you’re a clean person overall. LOL! So even through the going into the summer you want to stick to cool and calm colours like all shades of blue. Also take your blazer with to assist in having the perfect balance between the heat outside and the cool air in your everyday office.

For Women
-          Stick to ready to wear pieces.
As of late I find myself drawn to dresses. Especially ones that do not need to ironed. Yes, it can get difficult when you’ve had too much to eat over the winter and you were able to layer it over with jackets and sweaters. It just so ready to wear and it still gives you that professional and effortless look.
-          The right fit.
We all build our days up to that moment when you unhook your bra when you get home but there’s no bigger torture than wanting to take it off every second of every day! Sure, you can bear it when there’s a hundred layers on top during the layering season, however it’s extra important to take the time to find the right undies that fit you!
-          If the shoe fits
Women love shoes. Whether they can walk in them or not. Now that we’re transitioning into Spring/Summer I can’t wait to break out the strappy heels!! They are just flattering and super comfortable and great for an overall corporate summer look! Even with pants!

At the end of the day we all need to adapt to the next season. So whether you’re a man/woman it’s always important to look for the next level of COMFORT so that all you need to take care of is smashing your deadlines and to be absolutely stress-free!


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