Thursday, 11 August 2016

7 ways to unblock your mind

Hi everyone!

Omw guys I can NOT FOCUS. I’m scatterbrain af right now! I wish I can take all my thoughts and just archive them. I’ve gone from anxiety to fear to strength to worry and just silence. I adjust to change really badly and I’m REALLY trying to take everything in. Two days ago it was a public holiday and I DID NOTHING and I feel awful about it and that’s just a potentially productive day that I will NEVER get back.

Today I’ve had enough. I need to do something to get out of this rut. Hopefully I can get super organised in order to get my blood flowing again. Sometimes you can get so inspired but your body just won’t move. That is how I’ve been feeling lately. Yesterday I ran into Just a girl and her blog and I just couldn’t sit back any longer. That girl has got her life sorted! It’s time for me to get up and do something about my life.

So to decrypt my mind in order to get active I’m going to start small because being too positive can sometimes be destructive and short-lived. So it’s all about small steps.

Let’s get started:
1.       Re-visit your 2016 goals.
I think the best way to see if you’ve been productive is to see how far you are in terms of your planned goals. Because you drew the up at the height of your excitement for the year. So either put them into action and/or re-adjust your goals based on where you are and what you have.
2.       De-clutter your room
I know I’m confused if I don’t want to make my bed on purpose. If everything is cool I can totally wake up earlier and make more effort with my room and have a healthy breakfast! So get some organisational tips and make sure that your room represents a clean mind! Maybe this is just me?
3.       Plan your meals
It’s so easy to just eat everything or eat as you get hungry. And then when you finally snap out of it, your favourite kind of jeans do not fit you anymore and your face is full of zits you can’t explain. It’s important to make sure that what you put in your body will be advantageous to your attitude and daily strength.
4.       Switch things up
You’ve had the same hairstyle all year and the year is half past over! Switch it up and try other things – hair, trends, accessories, bold lippies, platform heels, etc. You cannot be like 3 day old Coke just because your days have become routine. Do something about it!!
5.       Have better control of your money
Sometimes you don’t enjoy life because you’re always worried about money. You can’t just pay bills. Therefore adjust your budget so that you can be a regular young person who can make your own decisions. Sometimes you feel stuck because you can’t afford the things you want.
6.       Be showered with encouraging words
Last night I was so inspired by our weekly homecells (will explain in another post), which is basically a midweek session of encouragement and sharing testimonies with people of my age group and I just realized that I need to snap out of it and talk positively and just fill myself through my words with courage. In other words – to FAITH UP.
7.       Execution
Plans are nothing without carrying them through. People want to be successful overnight and lately I’ve learning to be patient in the valley. Groundwork determines the amount of success you have because the strongest tree is nothing without its deepest roots. So now the hard work starts that will pay off in its own time.

Guys! 2016 is still rolling! There’s so much work to be done and so little time. Do not waste time with things that are temporary and will only disadvantage you! Build memories and legacies!

Get to work!!


  1. My room is a jungle ALL the time haha, I definitely need to focus on cleaning it out. I love your idea in revisiting 2016 goals. That is so important especially when you are close to giving up, it reminds you why you started in the first place:)

    Great Post!

    Nikki O|

  2. Lol! Exactly!! Thank you for reading!



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