Sunday, 4 September 2016

2016 Spring Routine!

Hi everyone!

Last year I did a fun list of things to do in Spring and this year I think I would recommend the same things so I’ve decided not to do another one. However, Spring is my ultimate favourite season and I would feel completely empty if I don’t do something fun on this blog! First, I thought I should do a fun tag but work is really hectic right now so I thought I would show you guys my outfit on the first day of my favourite season!

I love wearing anything with this denim jacket because it's so playful and it goes with everything! Also, I’m working on my August Favourites today so that should be up on my channel by tonight! In addition to my #ootd I will share my favourite things about Spring!

1.       Blooming flowers
I love everything that represent newness. I love walking outside and just seeing pink flowers and nature at its greenest! We never really have a winter so by the time Spring comes up, our province already got a headstart!
2.       3 day flu symptoms
Without fail, every year, I get sick on 1-3 September with flu or flu like symptoms because of the change in season. This year it was coupled with headaches while I was having the worst hair week ever. But I know the drill by now so I was able to nurse myself back to health and now I’m 100%!
3.       It’s dress season!
Or as I would like to call it – legs season! I’m years away from wearing shorts but when it’s Spring I definitely get my dresses on! I’m in love with anything floral because they can always be layered with a solid and they don’t expose the lumps in the structure of your body. Like your love handles or how your bum is shaped as much as solid colour dresses do (except black).
4.       Curly Hair season
I don’t know if it’s just me but I love long curly hair. I love it for winter but mostly for Spring because it just ties in with wearing dresses and booties! I currently have straight hair(after this ootd) but I’m already thinking that I should curl it so that it has that body wave that looks bomb with a cute little dress!
5.       Everyone’s birthday is in September
O M W. I CANNOT!!!!! There’s a little more than 7 billion people on this earth, 5 billion have birthdays in September. If attending parties was socially compulsory I would own a mobile bar and just travel the country only in September and that would be my only job. Best thing to do is put all my lovelies on my calendar and make sure that I make each and every one of them feel special no matter where they are in the world. I’ve been forgetting so many birthdays this year and that’s a complete NO NO! Some improvement is being effected RIGHT NOW!!

Do you guys also have a lot friends with birthdays in September? Make sure to send them a shout out this year! It’s the thought that counts!!

Have a happy Spring!!

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