Thursday, 2 June 2016

Inside Out

Hi everyone!

You know at this point it's really hard to be both adulting and trying to maintain your independence. You can't just be robust about things that concern your future. You have to think about it. Over a cup of coffee, over 'wine', blow off some steam, maybe fit in a yoga session and most of all, pray a lot about it! During this process it can be so easy to let yourself go. You start to not eat that healthy and you just become numb about things.

And then one day you wake up to no abs, huge thighs and your face is crying out for help. I really believe that what you put inside of you, will eventually show. Either you'll be extremely bloated or you get a lot of break outs. During this time I would recommend 2 quick fixes : an everlasting hairstyle(braids/wigs) and neutral make-up products. The whole contour and highlighting thing becomes way too ridiculous and your natural hair and a weave is way too much effort!

So with my braids I just made sure they were long because I like how they look with dresses and they can be easily styled. The longer you have them, the more your natural hair can suffer because it's not receiving proper care. But for your face I would recommend: concealer, liquid foundation, mascara and a blusher of your choice. I prefer a goldish shade because it's not too glamorous for work!

Even if everything looks bad, always make an effort because this life is just not worth living if you can't look the way you feel or want to feel when everything is working out. To be unhappy is so exhausting because your energy is limited and your outlook is blurred and everyone has to hang out with your gloomy look and listen to all your complaints. One day just find the courage to STOP!

Know your limits and deal breakers. Also know what would make your heart happy and live in pursuit of that everyday or always keep seeking it!

Love your life!

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  1. So much depends on how much effort you make on yourself. As the saying goes: no matter how you feel - get up, dress up and show up!


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